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Family Traditions for the Christmas Season!


Christmas Traditions bring the whole family together!

If ever there is a time to embrace some good ol’ family traditions, it is definitely during the Christmas season. There are many Christmas traditions embraced by my family that bring a sense of comfort and community as we celebrate the holidays. Several of them are worthy of being shared, and may indeed be common in your Christmas celebrations.

Children rolling dough in Xmas kitchen.

Holiday Elf on the Shelf

One of the most prominent holiday trends during the past few seasons has been the Elf on the Shelf. During the Christmas season, our little elf gets into all kinds of mischief and keeps an eye on things for Santa. It is tremendous fun, and we can’t believe our little elf didn’t come to our shelf sooner! We have happily embraced our elf as one of our new Christmas traditions.

Christmas Chocolates and Baking

Another wonderful Christmas tradition in family is all the baking and candy-making. It begins the day after Thanksgiving, if I can hold myself off that long! This decadent family tradition includes a half dozen different kinds of fudge, bourbon balls, truffles, cookies, pies, and any other kind of treat you can bring to mind!

holiday-facebook-tagThe First Gift on Christmas Eve

Of all the Christmas traditions in our family, the family tradition of opening a singular gift on Christmas Eve dates back many generations. Traditionally, the family member who is the first to declare, “Christmas Eve gift!” gets to open a gift prematurely. You’d think it would always be a kid, but not necessarily…and all IS fair in love, war, and Christmas!

Our family traditions speak volumes about the importance of family, and may never be more evident than during the Christmas season. It will be interesting to see what new Christmas traditions are implemented as my own children leave the nest and have families of their own.

How does your family celebrate the holidays and what are the traditions that you embrace? We all have a few holiday traditions in common and I would imagine every family has some special traditions of their own that are unique! That’s the beauty of celebrating the holidays with family.

~Merry Christmas and remember to embrace your family traditions whatever they may be!~


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