Orders & Pricing

Our prices are competitive, however, if you are trying to find the cheapest embroidery shop we wouldn’t be a good fit.

We believe in this quote by Warren Buffet: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”.

Production Time:
7-10 business days after final approval of artwork and order. This allows us enough time to place orders to our suppliers, inbound shipping time, decoration, folding and boxing your order.

New Embroidery Designs:
5-7 days to digitize and sample your logo. We can email you a photo of the stitched design or you can stop by our office to view the physical sewn sample.  You will need to approve the design before we decorate it on garments.

New Custom Designs:
We can create you a custom design for direct-to-garment printing, screen printing, and embroidery. The design process takes 7-10 days based on the complexity of the design.

Vectoring and Simple Art Cleanup:
Simple vectoring and art cleanup take 2-3 days.  The cleaner the logo the easier to vectorize.

Digitizing Fee:
One-time fee of $100.00 for a standard left chest or cap logo. Larger designs please ask for a quote.

Direct-to-Garment Printer Setup Fee:
One-time fee of $40.00 per design.

Screen-Print Setup Fee:
$30.00 per new screen.

Screen resets:
$20.00 per screen.

Promotional Product Setup Fees:
Setup fees are different based on the item you are ordering. Coffee mugs, pens, etc. all have different setup fees.

A set-up fee is the time it takes to setup your logo in certain formats.

Digitizing for Embroidery:
A computer file that tells the embroidery machine how to stitch the design.

RIP Setup (Routing Information Protocol):
Creating a design file to be ready to print digitally using direct-to-garment printers.

Screen-print Setup:
Creating the film and screens used in the printing process.

Orders over $5,000.00 qualify for special pricing.

We have developed a great relationship with our primary supplier over the past 40 years. Our supplier generally will give us a discount on larger orders, which means better pricing for you. Remember a few cents off a larger order can make big savings for you. Please contact our sales team for special pricing.

Discounts are based on the number of items purchased.

The more items you purchase the bigger of discount.  Please note quantity discounts are based on the type of logo being embellished.  Embroidery, Direct-to-Garment, Cap Embroidery, Screen-Print all have different quantity discounts. To receive the quantity discount the order must have the same logo and embellishment type.

Embroidery Garments: 12 pieces

Embroidery Caps: 24 caps

Direct-to-Garment: 12 shirts

Screen-printing: 72 shirts

Customer Supplied Garments: 24 pieces*

Promotional Products: Varies based on item

There is a $75.00 under the minimum order charge.

We accept Visa and Master Card. We have an online payment portal at https://nw.manageorders.com

New Customers: 50% down and balance at pickup

Returning Customers:  Payment at time of pickup.

Net 10 Terms: Established customers with a credit application on file. Please call our credit department for terms.

We do our best to accommodate RUSH orders. There is a percentage RUSH charged based on how fast you need it.

(5-6 business days) – 30%

(3-4 business days) – 40%

(2 business days) – 50%

(1 business day) – 100%

Yes, we use Federal Express and USPS. You can also pickup your order in our factory. We can also arrange special shipping such as barge transport to Alaska.

Yes, please contact your sales rep and they can send you a PDF order form. This makes it easy and clear when submitting your order.

Yes, there is a surcharge for garments bigger than XL. The bigger sizes use more fabric to produce.

All the pricing includes an embroidered logo with up to 8,000 stitches. There is a surcharge for logos above 8,000 stitches. Your sales rep can review your logo and see how many stitches are in it.

All approvals must be in writing via email, signed off in person or faxed over.

No verbal approvals.

All orders are considered new orders and must go through the proofing process. You will receive an art and order approval from your sales rep within 1-2 business days.

This process guarantees you will receive the same order as last time.


Embroidery does have some limitations since we are working with thread. Generally, we say “If you can draw it with a Sharpie marking pen, we can embroider it”
Small text, fine detail and color gradients can be difficult to reproduce with embroidery.

Embroidery Files:

Embroidery files are only used to drive embroidery machines; they give machines the coordinates and sequence of each stitch in a design and prompt when to change colors. Common file types are .DST and .EXP.

Vector Files:

Vector files are made of lines, points, and curves that can be resized without loss of image quality and are easily altered. Common software packages that create vectors are Adobe Illustrator and  CorelDRAW and common file types are .AI, .CDR, and .EPS.

Raster Files:

Raster files are made of pixels, or individual dots of color, and can’t be altered very easily. These files lose quality when upscaled, so they must look clean and crisp at the physical size of your finished print.  The most common software used to create raster files is Adobe Photoshop and common file types are .PSD. BMP, .TIFF, .JPG, .PNG and .GIF, but the latter three types found on the internet lose color and clarity to save bandwidth and thus are rarely of high enough quality.

Vectorized art can be magnified without pixelation. Programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Draw all recognize vector images. Images and artwork pulled from websites is not vectored artwork and generally can never be used for high-quality artwork.

Vectorized artwork is the best, but even a 300 dpi JPEG can work. Vectorized artwork is created using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  To create an embroidery design we will need to digitize it from a high-resolution artwork. Artwork from websites is not high resolution. The easiest way is to email all your files to us and our art department can determine if they will work.

Custom Graphic Artwork:

Our experienced art department can help you create your custom design. Art creation is billed by the hour.


All Images, digitized files, and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the media in which the Images are stored, remain the sole and exclusive property of NW Custom Apparel. This license provides the Client with the rights to reproduce only by NW Custom Apparel. Additional fees and express permission are needed to reproduce the images and digitized files that are not related to the above terms.


The customer is paying for the time and labor involved creating artwork or a digitized file. The logo we created can only be reproduced at NW Custom Apparel. NW Custom Apparel owns the copyright and reproduction rights.

Screen printing is not necessarily cheaper than embroidery.  Multi-colored screen prints with quantities less than 72 shirts and generally within $2.00 – $3.00 of embroidery prices.

Screen printing is best for 2-3 colored logos with quantities of 288 or more shirts. Direct-to-Garment has no limitation on ink colors with minimum order sizes of 12 shirts. Direct-to-Garment is a water-based ink with a light and soft hand to the print. To achieve the best quality on a DTG print is to use a 100% cotton shirt.

Your sales rep can help you select the correct thread or ink colors. We have a thread color chart with our available thread colors. The thread manufacturer is Robison Anton. We use a rayon thread. (This is not industrial wash compliant)
Ink Colors: We can match PMS colors for screen printing. Direct-to-Garment we use CMYK. We can match as close as possible to a PMS color; however, it may be off a few shades.

Yes, the GOTS standard certification guarantees that our inks are environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and consumer-healthy, all the way from development through the distribution.

Yes, we can personalize your embroidered apparel with your first and last name.


Customer Service.

The most convenient way to get your order started is by contacting our customer service at 1-800-851-3671. We will guide you through your order process from start to finish.

When we are setting you up as a new account, we will need the following information:

– Company Name

– Contact Name

– Email Address

– Address

– Cell Phone

– Work Phone

– Payment information

We prefer you stop by our Showroom.

Our sales staff will walk you through our showroom and help you get your project started. We do have samples you can check out so you can bring back to your office or group for sizing.

On all orders (new and repeat) we will send you an art proof for your review within 1-2 business days. You will also receive an order approval with the items you ordered along with pricing.  If you don’t receive the proof in that time frame, please bring that to our attention as we are not aware you didn’t receive it.
The production turn time starts after art and order approval are signed off on.

i.e. You place your order on May 1st with your sales rep. You receive the art and order approval from the sales rep on May 2nd.  You approve the order on May 5th (because there was a weekend). The production clock starts May 5th (Not May 1st).

We do not print any artwork that is copyrighted.

Artwork, images, quotes found on the internet are all copyrighted.

We do not print any look alike designs such as Seahawks, Disney, NFL, or famous people.

Can you bring a steak into Denny’s and ask the waitress to grill it?  Bringing your own garments to us for decoration is not a profitable business model for us.

We provide the garment with a custom decoration.

There are other shops that will accept your garments however, you will end up paying more overall than buying the complete package.
We can save you money by purchasing the product for you because of our volume discount with several vendors.

Under certain circumstances with can accept your provided garments.

We want to make our customers happy. If what you approved is not what you received, we will work with you on correcting it.

Please contact us within 7 business days if you are not satisfied.

Computer screen color varies depending on the monitor. The computer virtual sample will always have a brighter looking print than the actual printed or embroidered sample.  We can logo pre-production samples for a nominal fee if you feel it is necessary. This will delay the order turn-around significantly.

It is extremely difficult to embroider Carhartt heavy-weight jackets.

Many times, the embroidery hoops will pop out and possibly leave a needle hole in the jacket.  We recommend purchasing similar Carhartt jackets from us that embroider fantastically.

If you will be reselling items and don’t want to be charged Washington State Sales Tax, please provide your Washington State Reseller’s permit before placing your order. We can’t take the tax off after the order is invoiced and paid for.

– Left Chest: 90% of all logos are here

– Right Chest: generally monograms

– Full Front: great for printing, but not embroidery

– Full Back: great for printing and full back embroidery on jackets

– Cap Front: great for logos or patches

– Cap Back: great for websites or phone numbers

– Cap Left Panel: very popular for a small discreet embroidered logo

We are always looking for new members of our team. Please drop off a resume or stop in and fill out an application.

Web Stores

Team Stores

Company Stores

Order Portal Stores

Fundraising Stores

Great for coaches that don’t want to deal with apparel and collecting money.
– Store collects the players order and payment. (no paper order forms)
– Individually bagged and labeled
– Coach hands out to players and DONE.

– The store will be opened from 1-2 weeks, so team members can place their order.
– The store will close and we will produce your order.
– The store will reopen 1 week after your Team receives their order.

Other Events and Fundraisers:
– Specialty Events
– Homecoming Events (Powder Puff, Alumni)
– Cancer Awareness
– Fundraising
– State Playoffs
– State Playoffs

Human Resource managers are busy enough handling employees. HR Managers don’t have enough time in the day to put together an employee apparel program.

Company Stores
– Great for companies with 15 or more employees.
– No more spreadsheets trying to keep track of employee’s orders.
– No more collecting money or payroll deductions.
– Orders are bagged with the employees name.
– Easy to distribute to employees.

Gift Cards
– Great for Employee Incentives
– Gift Card Discount Codes are provided to the employee to purchase online.
– Your company has to only write one check for what your employees purchased.

Other Uses of the Store
– Sales/Events (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)
– New Hire Packs
– Holidays: St. Patty’s, 4th of July and Christmas (Ugly Sweaters anyone?)
– High School Rivalry Games: Create shirts with your local high school’s logo and your company’s logo.

– Embroidered and Direct-to-Garment Items with your company’s logo are available 24/7 on demand.
– Special Events and Holiday Parties: OPEN/CLOSED for two weeks to collect orders.
– Please work with your sales rep on product offered on your store.

An Order Portal is basically a Company Store, but with two advantages:
1. It is an order portal where several employees can order.
2. Reorders are simple and fast

Example 1: Employee Uniform Program
– You are an owner of a chain of restaurants.
– You want your store managers to have the ability to order their employees apparel online.
– You have specific garments that they can only order.
– You want the ability to track their orders.
– The store managers would not have to pay at time of purchase
– You will be billed monthly.

Example 2: Local Brewery order portal)
– You have 10-12 different designs
– 1 person in charge of ordering
– Easy to reference the design to order, since it is online.
– No more emailing back and forth trying to describe what design you want on the shirt.
– The shirt color and design will be listed online.
– Easily add new designs and product
– Simple reorders

Example 3: Lawn Care Service  (making reorders easy)
– Owner of a Lawn Care service of 30 employees
– You place 3-4  t-shirt orders during the summer.
– We create a store with the products you reorder
– Easy reorders: No more calling or stopping by to place reorders.
– You can see your apparel and designs online.
– Pay online and we ship the order to you.

– Reorders are easy
– Easily add more items to your store.
– Employees can view product online. No more emailing or posting flyers in your office.
– Store stays open year round.

There would be minimum order quantities for each store.

An example would be a group wants to order 100 shirts to raise money for cancer awareness at their event.
– They want to order 100 shirts to raise money
– You can get support from all over the country
– Ship to anywhere in the country. Raise money outside your event
– Open 1 week before the event for presales.
– Sell the shirts at your event.
– Reopen the store after the event for additional sales.

You are raising money 3 different times:
– Presales
– At the event
– After the event

Marketing stores using social media can be a powerful.
– Facebook
– Targeted Ads
– Share/Tag Friends
– Post on Fan Page or Group
– LinkedIn
– Twitter/Instagram

Non-Social Media Marketing
– Email blasts
– Flyers
– Posters
– Announcing at events
– Word of Mouth

School/Fundraising Stores: How it Works
We will write you a check on the proceeds raised by your store.

Pricing: The more you sell the lower the cost of the t-shirt.
– Base pricing is based on our 24 unit pricing.

– You sell the shirt for $20.00 on the site.  Your cost from us is $15.00 (24 unit price):  $20.00 – $15.00 = $5.00 You make $5.00 per shirt.

– You sell 48 shirts on the site: Your cost from us goes down to $12.00 (48 unit price):  $20.00 – $12.00 = $8.00 You now make $8.00 per shirt

– Your total profit if you sold 48 shirts is $384.00

Additional Info: 
– Please speak with our sales reps to get everything setup

– Checks will be written within 1-2 weeks of the store closing.

– We will issue a 1099 at the end of the year. Please provide your tax ID # or SSN.

Below are some links to some real stores:

NW Sample Store

ILWU Local 98

The process of setting up the store can take 1-2 days if all the logos are ready and garments picked out. Generally, it takes 7-10 business days

If the employee is paying via a credit card, you would need to setup individual employee accounts.

If you have a manager placing the employees orders, we can bill your company Net 10 terms. You would just need an account for each manager ordering. I recommend this method.

Coupon Code: We can give you a coupon code, so your employees can order without a credit card. The order would then be billed Net 10 to  your corporate office to write a check (this does require more bookkeeping on your end because you will have a bunch of single employee orders).

The web-store needs to be simple.

We recommend 1 logo and  4-6 different garment styles. (1-3 color garment colors per style)

i.e. Polo Shirt:  1 embroidered logo on the left chest.  3 colors to choose from. Navy, Black, Gray

Offering different logos and a bunch of styles causes production and shipping issues. Please call us and we can walk you through the process.

Yes, here is the link to our online catalog: www.nwcustomapparel.com/catalogs.html

Remember to keep the product limited. Too many choices are confusing to employees.