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How to Find The Right Sponsor for an Event


Getting not just sponsors but the right sponsors is important if you’re planning an event. The right choice will not only benefit you, but also a partner. That’s why when you’re approaching potential patrons you really have to do your homework and figure out not only what you need from them, but also what you can offer.

Below, you’ll find some tips on how to get the right sponsor for your event:

EventsData, data, data!

If you do something without having done any research about their company and what they stand for, you’ve probably lost any chance of having this sponsor work with you. A sponsor wants to feel that you get what their business is all about. With so much information available online, there are no excuses for messing the basics up.

Think about what they’ll get out of it

Another thing the sponsor wants to feel?  That you can realistically both benefit from their sponsorship. This means you have to do some more research to understand how both parties can gain from the deal. Not everyone is interested in money, some things you could offer are: Exposure, Access to a new customer base, Free products, Free tickets for the event etc


There probably aren’t too many people who would say they love networking. But it’s a necessary evil – though it really doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as you might expect. If you have something genuinely good to offer potential sponsors (see above step), then it really is quite straightforward.

Reach out on social media

Social media gives you a great opportunity to get in touch with people you don’t know. If you do the legwork and find those companies who are a really perfect match for your event, then start reaching out to them on social media before you send them a pitch.

events-crowdThink big

Your business is never too small to look for sponsorship. Remember that the sponsor also benefits from getting advertising space on your website, blog, press ad or poster. But do be aware of the size of the company you’re asking for sponsorship from and be realistic.

Talk to the right person

Find out who is responsible for sponsorship budgets. If you don’t know who to approach, start with the marketing department. These are the guys with the budgets who understand how joint promotion works. You may then get passed along to brand management, public relations or advertising. The important thing is once you’ve got the right contact, keep in touch and always follow up on everything. If you can e-mail back right away, even better!

Be brief and clear

When you have your meeting with the right person make sure your presentation is interesting, clear and really shows how the sponsor will benefit. Don’t waffle! Everyone is busy so make your request for sponsorship brief. A potential sponsor will definitely prefer an informative half hour meeting than a two-hour presentation that bores the socks off them.

Business sponsorship is a really handy tool fund your event and help it grow, so it’s essential you create the right impression right from the beginning. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to finding the sponsor who’s just the right partner for you. Sponsorship can take your business and your events to the next level, so it’s important to include it as part of your strategy.


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