First Embroidery Machine Arrives in Washington

First Embroidery Machine in Seattle Tacoma

Northwest Custom Apparel was the first company to set up production embroidery machines in the Seattle, Tacoma and Pacific Northwest. The machines were state of the art. But if you look at them today they are boat anchors.

The top running speed of the mechanical Tajimas was 220 stitches a minute and the speed was fixed. Our machines today go as high as 1,200 stitches a minute. The old clunkers were limited to 6 colors compared with our 15 color machines today.

Here is a picture of the first machine taken in 1978.

first lmachine

We thought the machine at 220 stitches a minute was fast. Eventually we had 8 of these machines in our factory. Today we have twice that many running at 5 times the speed.

This is just a embroidery moment we want to share everyone.