Fold Your Garments to get your customers to LOVE You

Folding Garments

Each Garment is individually folded at            Northwest Custom Apparel

Add the Extra Touch

For most screen printing companies. individual folding is a charged-for option. But in astute operations. the nickel-a-garment cost is absorbed as value-added merchandising. We’re talking ”presentation” here, just as you would expect to see with dinner or dessert at a fine restaurant. The garments appear neater in the carton, customers appreciate the nice extra “touch” and convenience, and the company gains enhanced status for demonstrating i t goes the extra mile in pleasing its customers.

Individually Fold Garments

Most embroiderers in Seattle, such as Northwest Custom Apparel, do individually fold their customers’ garments, recognizing that a $14-30 embroidered golf shirt or sweatshirt or a $30-70 embroidered jacket just wouldn’t look right arriving i n bulk folds. Screen printers can take a lesson here from Rodney Dangerfield: Even T-shirts deserve a little more respect from their decorators.

Many companies that go this route leapfrog this finishing option by inserting each all garments i n a clear plastic bag and placing on it an easy-to-spot sticker with the size of the garments in the bag. This makes retrieval faster and easier for the customer. The bag costs two cents but the great impression it creates is priceless.

For massive quantities of  T-shirts, especially when sold at very close margins, folding each garment might prove too costly. But for standard quantities of a few dozen to a few gross. this extra effort demonstrates a company·s commitment to high-quality service and professionalism.