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If Football Kits were designed by Fashion Designers


Anna-sui-for-Real-Madrid Real Madrid FC by Anna Sui

On a first look, it might seem like the classic white kit from the current Champions League titleholders wouldn’t be compatible with Sui’s flamboyant style, but we’re sure that the American designer could make it work. I’m picturing an entirely white ensemble with bit of transparency and embroidery along with cowboy-inspired white fringes. I’m sure Cristiano wouldn’t mind.

FC Bayern München by Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele is responsible for putting Gucci back on the map (not that it ever went away, it just had a couple of lacklustre years) and has become a bit of a darling among the fashion crowd as of late. Known for its decorative style, the creative director of the Italian brand would probably fully embrace the color of the Bayern München Kit, as it is very similar to the Gucci red, and to really make it stand out, decorate it with embroidered snakes and flowers.

Kenzo-for-ArsenalArsenal by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon (Kenzo)

Now, Kenzo LOVES prints. They love prints and patterns more than we do — which is saying a lot considering that’s how we make a living. So needless to say, this football shirt would be printed everywhere. For Arsenal, Carol and Humberto would go down the same route they took for their collaboration with H&M, which means bright (Arsenal) red in a tiger print and maybe a dash of pink.

Juventus F.C. by Kanye West (Yeezy)

Lucky for the Juventus team, the “Gold Digger” rapper has a history of designing sportswear thanks to his collaboration with Adidas. Since he is not a big fan of prints, I’m guessing Kanye would focus on the shape of the garment more than anything. Taking a page from his brand Yeezy, the Juventus’ new top would be an oversized T-shirt in black or nude tone with a sweatshirt style of fabric. by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a difficult one because he’s not known for his sportswear. The fashion designer turned movie director is not a fan of lycra, but do you know what he is a fan of? Velvet and fur. The idea came to mind as I was going through the images of his winter 16/17 collection and realised that these are materials that we have seen (several times) in some of his past collections. Yes I do know that velvet and fur are some of the world’s worst materials to make a football shirt with, but when has Ford cared about practicality?

FC Barcelona by

Both and the Barcelona team are known for staying ahead of the curve, so this just might be a pairing made in heaven. For the football team, we’re guessing that the Black Eyed Peas member would take a similar route to his collaboration with Coca Cola — apparel completely recycled from plastic bottles. To top it all off, each kit would come with a brand new pair of Buttons headphones, so Messi and the rest of the gang can play to the sound of their favorite tunes.


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