Four Key Customer Concerns when purchasing embroidered apparel, by NW Custom Apparel


Convenience to some buyers means a company has a local showroom and extended hours in the evening and Saturdays. Convenience to schools that are distant from providers’ showrooms might mean you loan out jacket samples for a week in five different sizes for ”try-on” days to help you get orders from the students.
Convenience to many buyers might simply mean having access to a great catalog and an easy-to-read price list in hard copy and/or online– and fast telephone or e-mail responses to inquiries.

Customer Service is #1 at NW Custom Apparel

Customer Service is #1 at NW Custom Apparel

Making it difficult for customers and prospects to get the information they’re looking for means more than just inconvenience. It frequently means your company is Leaving itself wide open to the advances of a more astute competitor, one who makes i t easier to do business with his company.

Speed is a relative term. To some, speed, or more precisely “turn ¬≠around time,” means on-demand, instant gratification. or one-day delivery time. To others. it means three- or five-day turnaround .Folks not in a big hurry are fine with two-week turnaround. But when a company defines its production turnaround time as “taking our own sweet time to complete an order” based on overall production volume, staff resources, and seasonal factors, it invites a competitive assault by a smart, well managed company that guarantees turnaround time in 72 hours. This firm is one that is certain to consistently gain market share against a slower, complacent competitor.

The quality of garments is generally a function of price, though even our industry’s most basic garments are made well and provide good value for whatever money the buyer is willing to spend.
For the most part, the bar for buyers’ expectations on what constitutes acceptable garment quality is set rather low, due to the overall quality offered at virtually all levels of garments available from reputable industry manufacturers. Some end-users, however, think nation¬≠ally recognized brands are at the higher levels of quality because, at retail, these brands sell for prices considerably higher than well-known industry staples. The fact of the matter is that the quality of our standard brands-stitch for stitch, detail for detail, and fabric specs is every bit as good as the better-known, logoed goods, price differences notwithstanding.

In the minds of most prospects,”people might very well think of us. what we do, and our products as simply ‘commodities.'” After all, “in their minds, what we sell and do is pretty much what every other company in our field sells and does.”
For apparel graphics companies, the critical component for being thought of as something beyond being producers of a commodity is positioning. Without differentiating your company in the minds of your prospects and positioning your enterprise to be viewed as something better than the rest. your price is relegated to being set in the commodity market.