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Gardner Minshew “Apple Stash”

The Gardner Minshew stash has taken off like wildfire going into this week’s Apple Cup. Here is a creative piece of  “Apple Stash” artwork by Northwest Custom Apparel. This design was shared to the Die Hard Cougars Facebook page today. Many of the members of the group changed their profile pics with this design. Our prediction for Apple Cup 2018 is  Cougars 49 and Huskies 21.

The game is Friday, November 23rd 2018 at 5:30 PM

Gardner Minshew Apple Stash

Check out the Facebook Group called “Die Hard Cougars”.

Here are some of their comments regarding the “Apple Stash”

  • Can I borrow the white one for my profile pic? That’s awesome!
  • Yes absolutely. That is why I drew these… Let the Huskies know we are coming after them!
  • Looks too much like Kenny in South Park
  • So fun! Red
  • Apple filled
  • Top one has more spirit!
  • Need to include a soul patch
  • Both. Can I use for my profile photo this week?

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