Get more traffic on your website with less work

The following are what you should focus on to use your time wisely and get more traffic with less work.


The best permanent way for traffic is search engine optimization. It takes some time to fine tune the SEO but it pays off exponentially.

Link Exchanges

The practice of exchanging links with other websites. You place another site’s link on your site, usually on a links page, and in return, the other site places a link on their site back to you. Link exchanges will get you some traffic coming from other sites but the biggest reason you want to do link exchanges is to increase your page rank.

Contact the talkers

Contact the talkers who can be bloggers those run t-shirt blogs, bands, famous people, anyone that has a following of people. You become friends with these people and they will spread your message to all of their followers


This also ties into SEO. You write blogs about what your customers like and have keyword rich blog articles and bam you get traffic with the people that are into your stuff. Don’t write about your company all the time, that’s boring. Write about stuff that is actually interesting. You can also pay other people to do this for you or give fans free product to write your blog.

Like, tweet, google + it up!

If it is hard to share your link with their friends people won’t do it. Use or one of the many other tools to make it easy for your customers to share with their friends. Use it on all your product pages and blog articles.

rss-logoLink your facebook with your blog.

Whenever your write a blog posts have it automatically post it on facebook.

Mailing List

Keep in contact with your customers. Same rules of blogging, don’t always talk about your brand just talk about cool stuff your customers are into. You can also send them your blog articles in an email. A good service to use is mail chimp.

RSS feed

Use feedburner and grow your following

Do these correctly and they will have a big impact on your traffic. Things like SEO require a lot of work in the beginning but really pay off in the long run.