Getting Creative with Youtuber Merchandise

Just like a lot of other types of business, merchandising has equally become important territory for video lovers and producers alike. Except with one additional challenge – our merchandising would have to sit comfortably in the online stores of famous youtubers who already have a wealth of goodies on sale… Let’s see how we did.

pic emma1# Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery is the only one of the youtubers we selected who doesn’t currently seem to have an official logo, though she has her merchandise base pretty well covered, with everything from wristbands to a magazine edition in her online shop. Since branding is everything these days, we spent quite some time nosing around her various social media profiles to conjure up some kind of general branding for her.

Pic Dan & Phil2# Dan & Phil

You can find most things in the Dan and Phil store, from school stuff to iphone cases and they even have a gift card. Dan and Phil presented us with a bit more of a challenge, which we love, it makes us think outside the box. For this comedy duo, we took their faces as the most iconic element, illustrated them and used some of their most famous quotes to create some novel gear for their shop. After all, if Charlie can have his own tea, why can’t Dan and Phil have their own jam?

Pic zoella3# Zoella, Zoella, Zoella.

All things pink and pretty and friendly, and isn’t it just so comforting to see her at the beginning without any make-up, it makes her seem far more human? Let’s face it, a big spot on a celebrity’s face makes everyone’s day, especially if you’re aged 11-18. As Zoella has the make-up part of things completely covered, we decided to take a more traditional approach with the new designs for her. Unlike Emma, Zoella has got the branding down to an art, which is no wonder since she has the backing of Superdrug – not called super for nothing you know.

Pic alfie_deyes_lead4# The Pointless Blog

After the variation in colour and designs with Dan & Phil’s pixel folk and Zoella’s guinea pig fronted make-up bag, Alfie Deyes merch has a much more sober, mature style to it. At his store you can find a lot of monotone apparel, with high quality photography and simple logo applications. We thought it would be cool to jazz things up a bit and design some more original stuff for him, and since he loves skating it was too tempting to create a series of boards for him too.