Who gives away shirts?

Who gives away shirts?
Just about any business or non-business that wants to promote its goals, activities, services, products, brands, or special programs gives away shirts. Or, in many cases, sells them to target audience members who want to identify with whatever the cause is.
  • Test-drive a new 2022 Ford 150 and receive a cap emblazoned with an embroidered Seahawk logo.
  • Anyone who drops 25 pounds in a Weight Watchers program merits a well-deserved “Big Loser” T-shirt.
  • Show up at a local supermarket’s grand opening and receive a free oversized canvas bag.
T-Shirt advertising is 1 penny per impression
Wear a t-shirt once a week, and that’s more than 10,000 advertising impressions in one year. And if worn to school, a park, or a public event, the 200 impressions a day can increase to thousands of advertising impressions within a few hours! At a selling price of $15.00 per custom shirt, it generates 200 advertising impressions per day. After wearing the garment ten times, the body it’s on has produced 2,000 advertising impressions. That’s about $.01, or 1 penny per advertising impression.