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Glossary of Embroidered Apparel Definitions


Custom Artwork Example by Randy Fountain

Randy Fountain artworkA high activity sportswear fabric that absorbs, wicks and dries faster than average golfwear.

Duck Cloth

Tightly woven fabric that provides wind and snag resistance.

DSC00073Descriptions of Apparel

Describes buttons or trims that are the same color as the garment onto which they are sewn.

A cap style with a low slope that is more closely fitted to the head. Can be either structured or unstructured.

See Taslan but with a dull finish.

A mix of different colors of yarns knit together to create a

Erik-Portraitheathered effect.

A product that has gone through a process to produce a smooth, lustrous hand.

Similar to a pique knit, but with a more open texture for increased breathability. Larger knit than Cool Weave.

A high density, anti-pilling fleece made of knit micro-fibers that are brushed less than a regular fleece garment. It has a high capacity for warmth without the weight.

Fife-Ad-1An ultra-fine stripe that is knit into the fabric.

Fabric that is tightly woven from a very fine poly thread and has a sueded finish for a luxurious, soft feel. Microfiber fabric is naturally water repellent due to its construction process and when specially treated, can also be waterproof.

A cap with a slope height in between that of a High Profile and Low Profile. It is most often structured with buckram.

Buttons made from Mother of Pearl, with a logo inscribed on them. A jacquard knitting pattern in which the jacquard forms a design similar to small nail heads.

The combination of a knitting and spinning process developed by JERZEES® for their blended fleece that helps prevent pilling.

A process in which yarn dyed fabrics or piece dyed garments are put through an additional dye color to create unique colors.

A type of fabric where the fibers are either cotton or blended man-made fibers.

A pocket attached to the outside of a garment. Buttons that have a pearl-colored hue.

Buttons that incorporate pewter and horn tone, usually one encompasses the other.

Buttons that have a dull, metallic hue.

A type of dye used to create a distressed or washed look. A process developed by Lee® to help prevent pilling on fleece garments.

A knitting method that creates a fine textured surface that appears similar to a birdsnest or waffle weave.

The part of a shirt or jacket where the garment fastens together. A warm polyester lining found in the body or sleeves of outerwear garments. It has more loft than a regular nylon lining.

PC90H Hoodie

Seattle Seahawks Hoodie. Style PC90H

Features similar characteristics to cotton and silk, has excellent luster and very little shrinkage.

Alternating rows of 2 different pique knits; one knit is a baby pique, while the other is a larger pique that resembles small circles knit closely together.

A high activity sportswear fabric that absorbs, wicks and dries faster than average golfwear.

Tightly woven fabric that provides wind and snag resistance.

 Describes buttons or trims that are the same color as the garment onto  which they are sewn.

A fleece outerwear fabric made from at least 50% materials reclaimed from recycled plastic soda pop bottles.

Edgemont Junior High School. Home of the Eagles.

Edgemont Junior High School. Home of the Eagles.

A 2-ply weave of different color yarns that run parallel against each other so that both colors are visible.

A laundering process in which a catalytic substance is added to create a chemical change in the fabric resulting in a very soft finish, smoother appearing surface and reduced shrinkage.

A more upscale horn tone button with an etched pattern. When the back portion of the garment is longer than the front. Assists in keeping the garment tucked in during normal activity.

Small holes or perforations made in a series to allow for breathability. Finished with either stitching or brass grommets.

Refers to a garment’s fit as being generous and roomy.

A dyeing process that occurs after the garment is assembled.

A wash process where softeners are added to finished garments to help the cotton fibers relax or bloom.

Police Department

Fife Washington Police Department Patch from early 2000’s

The result is a fabric with a thicker appearance, reduced shrinkage and a softer hand.

A chevron or zig-zag pattern, knit into fabric.

A cap style with a high slope structured with buckram-a stiff fabric lining. Less fitted to the head.

Buttons that appear to be manufactured from horn.

A medium sized broken check effect that is knit into the fabric.

A fabric that has two plys knit simultaneously to form one thicker and heavier ply. It has more natural stretch than a jersey knit, a soft hand, and the same appearance and feel on both sides.

Buttons with a lustrous, rainbow-like hue.

Arm Patch for the Puyallup Police Department

Arm Patch for the Puyallup Police Department

A pattern knit directly into the fabric during the manufacturing process. Typically, 2 or more colors are used.

Fabric has a definite smooth side, the outside, and a textured side, the inside.

A flat rib knit, with specified dimensions, that is used to function as a placket and placket facing.

A looped piece of fabric in the neck of a garment for the convenience of hanging the garment on a hook. Can also be located at the center of the back yoke on the inside or outside of a garment.

A semi-oval panel sewn into the inside back portion of a garment, just under the collar seam, to reinforce the garment and minimize stretching when hung on a hook. The patch also allows for the garment tag or label to be sewn below the neckline to help prevent irritation.


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