Golf Tournament Polos in the Northwest

Golf tournament polos

You are volunteered to be the chairman of the tee prizes for your group’s annual golf tournament. Included in that assignment is to resource and purchase the polos to be included in the tee prizes.

The lowest price

The first thing that comes to mind is to shop the lowest price. This makes perfect sense and you start looking for the lowest price polo on the internet.

You start your search and find embroidered polos for $9.95 including embroidery. You start patting yourself on the back because each participant is paying $250.00 or more to participate. The tournament committee is going to be proud of the job you did to raise more money for the tournament.

Day of the Tournament

Now it is tournament time and you are handing out the shirts in the tee prize bag. Your shirts are on the registration table for distribution. This is the moment that you get the looks of disbelief from the participants.

The eyes are rolling at the dishrags you are handing out. Your shirts are nothing more than a tee shirt with a collar. Your participants paid $250.00 or more to enter and you give them a shirt which will be great for cleaning their windshield. Your tournament raised a lot of money but didn’t create a raving fan.

How can you ask a player to return next year when your event was preceived as cheap.  You just flunked marketing 101.

The solution

First a local company who will actually work with you. Preferably one with a showroom who can let you touch and feel the product, carries name brand golf shirts and lets you touch and feel the product.  A company who will support you through the selection and delivery of your tournament shirts.

The two most popular brands in the northwest are Nike and Cutter & Buck. Both companies offer quality products. Your tournament participants will recognize these brands and you will never have a problem asking them to return next year.

Pros and cons of Cutter & Buck vs Nike.

Both companies offer quality.

Both companies offer a wide selection of apparel.

Both companies can actually meet your budget.


Nike does not sell direct so you have to find a distributor who will provide a shirt with the logo combination.

Cutter & Buck offers the full package. You can purchase a completed package from one source. Cutter & Buck is a northwest company and they specialize in golf shirts. Their tournament packages are number one.

Cutter and Buck Proposal 8-9-16

Cutter and Buck Proposal

Nike offers everything from golf shoes to bags. Because their inventories are unpredictable we suggest Cutter & Buck because Cutter & Buck can offer last minute fill ins. Tournament directors like this feature because it really helps with their planning.olf shirt tacom

Northwest Custom Apparel offers both Nike and Cutter & Buck. If you want your tournament to be preceived as a first class tournament stay away for the cheap shirts on the internet. If your tournament is in the Northwest you should definitely consider a northwest company.