Goodwill Tools to get your customer to Love You

For any business it is very important to keep your customer reminding that you value them. Here are some goodwill tools which give opportunities to remind your customers that you value them, look forward to renewing your relationships, and welcome re-orders.

  1. invitationIn-house Events: An open house event opens eyes and doors to those who’ve never seen the equipment running. The event also opens wallets. Open house events at your shop also produce the same effect when your goods are on full You’ll enjoy hearing customers’ observations and the predictable compliments on your capabilities and offerings.
  2. Special Occasions Gifts: Other celebrated holidays and annual milestones present additional opportunities to remind your customers you value them, look forward to renewing your relationships, and welcome re-orders. Your other good-excuse occasions to make some noise include Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, the Vernal Equinox, July Fourth (you value your freedom and independence, don’t you?), Labor Day (especially if you sell to unions), the Autumnal Equinox, Columbus Day, and New Year’s.
  3. special_offers01Premium Offers and Frequent Buyer Clubs: Some of the most successful companies in our industry build purchasing loyalty by adding value to an order in the form of points, credits, or other measurable and collectible incentives much like credit card companies do with airline points, hotel stays, or other goodies that can be earned over time with cumulative purchases
  4. Crackerjack Marketing: Cracker­jack marketing is an original term coined in the 1970s for putting goodie in the carton. The prize needn’t be at all expensive: a small calendar, Good & Plenty, a memo cube, a box of funky plastic paper clips, a bag of marbles a pen knife, a bottle of bubbles, or simply, a box of A visit to your local dollar store will yield all kinds of neat stuff and cheap, too. Just remember to put the goodie at the top of the carton, please.