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Tacoma Embroidery

Northwest Custom Apparel has its factory located in Milton. Milton is just a stone’s throw from Tacoma. That why when we reference Tacoma embroidery we say we do embroidery in Tacoma.

The company was actually started in Tacoma in 1977. The company eventually moved to Milton in 1981 into a new building located in the middle of a lettuce field. Now the lettuce fields are gone and replaced with mega warehouses. We have a major Fed Express facility just down the street from us.

Why we promoted Tacoma embroidery is to get our website recognized when companies in our area try to find us on the web. If we were actually in Tacoma we would be the largest embroidery company in the city. Actually we are the largest embroidery company in the county which includes Tacoma.Holiday Ad 4 NW Custom Apparle

Holiday gifts Tacoma

This is the holiday season and Northwest Custom Apparel is almost sold out for the rest of the year. This time of the year we specialize in company gift programs. Most of our construction clients are giving away branded jackets to their employees and customers. In the construction industry the easiest way to get recognized is with a cap or jacket with the company’s name emblazoned on the front.

The most popular jackets we offer for the construction industry are heavyweight made with duck material. Duck twill for jackets offers strength and reliability. Our customers know that when they purchase a jacket from Northwest Custom Apparel it will last until the next giving season. We have customers who started buying from us in 1977 and are still with us. They like our commitment to quality.

Christmas caps are popular

Caps are so popular to give away. Companies load their managers and supervisors up with a couple of dozen caps and tell them to give them away. The cap has replaced the bottle of liquor which used to be so popular in the construction industry.

So if you hit up Tacoma embroidery on google we will come up and you can be directed to our website to peruse our jacket inventory.


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