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Imagining Social Media Networks as Cocktails


Here is a list of some of your favourite social media turned into drinks:


The original social network – the original cocktail. They’re both pretty much ignored by younger generations, but the couple had an impact in their respective industries that spawned a league of memorable descendants. Would there be a Facebook, twitter and Linkedin without a Myspace? Would there be a Martini without a Martinez?


Pretty popular and everybody does it – the only problem is that if you don’t know how to prepare it, it can be a mess. It’s delicious! Don’t get me wrong. Nobody is trying to take away the tastiness from the Facejito. If you ever order a Mojito and sense a slight glare coming from the bartender.  The cocktail is pretty laborious to make. On the other hand, Facebook when done incorrectly can be a migraine for both its users and developers.

social-mediaLinkin Tonic

The Linkin Tonic is a drink that has become fashionable, most people respect it and everyone has tried it at least once. Not that many people recognize it’s true value. Anyone can make a Gin Tonic, but not many people can MAKE a Gin Tonic. It takes a real spirits connoisseur to consider the botanicals in the gin, and choose the right tonic water to enhance their flavour. Same thing can be said about Linkedin. Linkedin is a very powerful tool for networking and getting jobs, but most people just open a profile and let it rot, without knowing its true power.


A beverage with a reputation for being a girl’s drink and a “fad” – therefore not a real cocktail. While it’s true that the people who order it are mostly women, the potential of the Cosmopin shouldn’t be underestimated by neither gender. 83% of Pinterest users are female, making it an obvious target for brands with a large female audience. The network receives a solid 10 million US unique visits a month and is known for driving online sales. On the other hand the Cosmopolitan is a cocktail that became famous thanks to a little tv show called Sex & The City. Thanks to its popularity among women, many men ran away from it thinking it was a “fruity” drink, but it is in fact the best Vodka Sour around.


A cocktail that’s often not well prepared and it’s a shame because it tastes so much better when it is. What is Twitter? A social network or a microblogging platform? What is a Negroni? Is it bitter or sweet? They’re actually both! It takes a fine palate to understand the true value of a Negroni and the same thing can be said for Twitter. Take a look at this list of Twitter hacks to understand how flexible this tool can be. When prepared properly, the Twitteroni is a drink that tastes better with every sip.


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