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Importance of Industry Knowledge in Clothing Line


With experience comes knowledge. In the apparel customizing world, industry knowledge will let you know what are the best printers, couriers and garments to get the best possible results.

ExperienceRealistic Expectations

Besides great value for money, a good T-shirt printing company should also help you adjust your printing budget and expectations, giving the customer information about how the printing techniques work and their limitations.

Artwork guidelines

Resources should be offered on how to create a print-ready artwork file or can at least consult you on it. It’s fundamental for your personalized clothing to achieve the best quality possible.

Minimum Orders

For example, screen printing services are not suitable for runs smaller than 25 units, though it offers a great finish and price for solid-color artwork designs. Screen printing services are quoted based on set up screens for each color and position of print, so the more color and positions you have on your designs the more costly it makes the T-shirt printing.

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Varied Printing Techniques

We should offer a vast range of T-shirt printing services, from screen printing, transfer printing and cad cut vinyl through to embroidery services and direct to garment printing (DTG) – the newest printing technique available on the market, providing high-resolution prints for intricate and complex artworks (such as photographic images).

A healthy Catalogue

T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, vests, sweats, caps or bags are some of the garment printing options your T-shirt printing company should be able to provide you with in order to suit your business’ marketing needs. Choose the blank garment that suits your branding colors and strategy, and make sure to look for advice about how to get the best out of it.

deliveryVisual Samples

Any sensible printing agency will provide you with a visual sample of what your design will look like before sending it to production. Due to various constraints, it is impossible to create a 100% faithful render of what the final garment will look like, but it should be as approximate as possible. It is also important to note that a good company will never send the garment to print before the customer approves the visual.


Any respectable printing agency will offer several delivery options depending on your situation. Some of the agencies offer a standard (five to ten days) and some offer express service (two to four days).

Returns & Exchanges

Be very wary of a service provider that does not offer a return policy. A company that does not offer a return policy shows little trust on their own product.


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