The importance of speech in an Event

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The naturally gifted speaker is a myth. If you shake with nervousness at the thought of being on stage or get sweaty palms just thinking about delivering a presentation in a business meeting. It’s more than normal to worry about your performance when all eyes are on you. Yet when great speakers wow us, we’re easily overcome by the notion that some people are simply born with that gift. Just like we were born our personalized clothing gift!

Yet all the great speakers who seem so relaxed during their presentation and at ease in front of a huge audience have one thing in common: they worked at it really hard and developed their gift. So listen up – public speaking and captivating an audience are skills you can learn, practice and perfect.

speaker-with-tieGreat public speaking skills will enable you to unite people, cause change and attain your goals, both in business and in your life. Here is why impressive speech is so important:

  • Get ahead of the competition with self-confidence: you might be nervous, but so is everyone else. Showing up is half the accomplishment, and so is speaking up! If you can manage to do it, you’re already ahead, and you’ll increase your confidence in yourself the more you do it.
  • Importance-of-the-speechBe more comfortable: when people get together, they talk. For many, this is awkward because they don’t know what to say. As your public speaking skills grow, so will your level of comfort in the company of others.
  • Achieve your goals: making a sale, getting a raise or nailing a job interview can greatly depend on your ability to present yourself and your ideas through speech.
  • Get your message across clearly: When you hone your skills on the way to becoming an inspiring speaker, you will have to figure out clearly what you want to say. A great speaker is like a guide who establishes a thread and leads the audience to a discovery.
  • Get support: making a speech in public can attract like-minded people who are willing to give their support, but might not have sought you out on their own.