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Importance of T-Shirt Mockups to Promote a Clothing Brand


It’s not just graphic designers who need t-shirt mockups to showcase their work. If you are a business owner and need to print t-shirts for the company, you’ll want a preview; if you are an illustrator, you probably need mockups to promote your designs to potential customers.

T-Shirt mockups allow you to display a logo or design on a T-shirt without the hassle of producing the garment and arranging a photo shoot to share the images with your audience. Mockups make great visual assets when it comes to promoting a clothing brand.

t-shirt-mockupsDo I need a T-Shirt Mockup?

Managing a clothing brand can sometimes become an overwhelming job, you have to be on top of everything, from fabric quality to printing fidelity and marketing. Promoting your brand is a key step of the process since it determines most of its success.

Benefits of using T-Shirt Mockups?

Instant product shots

Building a portfolio of your new clothing brand is seamless when using T-Shirt mockups. You don’t need to worry about planning a photo shoot, renting equipment or retouching the pictures, you simply upload your design to mockups and within seconds, your images will be ready to share with clients and partners, avoiding a time consuming process.

t-shirt-mockups1Different garments

Instead of buying tons of clothing garments to display your brand on different t-shirt colors, styles and sizes, use mockups to showcase your clothing brand in a wide variety of clothing items without having to actually purchase each piece.

Wide variety of models and scenarios

Finding the right model for product shots of your clothing brand can be a complicated process, and so is finding the right context in which your brand will stand out and provide the right use case environment for your consumer demographic. When using mockups you won’t need to worry about these issues since the image templates are ready for you to use. Simply browse through the apparel gallery and choose the mockups that match your audience and the brand best. Choose from male to female to kids or elder models and then select the right context.

Using a t-shirt mockup to promote your brand

There are lots of websites for t-shirt mockups, you can find from PSD files you must to edit to show your design on the fabric, to mockup tools that are built to make it easier.

Apparel offers hundreds of t-shirt mockups that will enhance the way you promote your clothing brand by displaying your design on a real t-shirt, being worn by real people in a real life scenario. These professional t-shirt mockup templates provide appealing scenarios that will make your designs stand out. You can even pick the color of the fabric and then simply add your design to the photo, it will be automatically adjusted to fit every crease, shadow and fold of the item.


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