Important things for Company Identity

Here are some of the everyday vehicles that will carry your company’s identity. While some new entrepreneurs may consider stationery, business cards, self-promotion literature, labels. and custom-printed cartons to be “old school” or too traditional for their tastes, each still holds an important place is telling your story.

stationaryYour Company Stationary

Chances are you don’t or won’t write a good old fashioned letter all that often — anymore. But when you do. your basic business stationery will tell the recipients a lot about your company and its owner or whosoever signing the document. Your letterhead and the envelope it’s mailed in are your first chance to make a positive impression. So, do make this vital, albeit declining, medium one you’ll be proud of and one that demonstrates all the good things about your identity. An attractive, professional letter head and coordinated envelope won’t win you an order or an approval, but it could cost you one.

business-cardsBusiness Cards

For many professionals, a business card is in many ways your company’s signature. Cheap cards, cutesy cards, or cards that lack graphic taste or imagination don’t help your cause. The elements of a good business card are axiomatic, two large admonitions here:

  1. Do not use oversize cards (dimensions exceeding the standard 2x 3″). such cards are a nuisance, don’t fit neatly in standard business card files or caddies.
  2. Use a horizontal Vertical formats can be very attractive and distinctive, but don’t do much in the way of making the cards easy to file, store, or reference.
tagsSelf-Promotion Brochure

You should put a few goods words in about yourself n your company catalog, but when prospecting for major corporate accounts, grooming advertising agencies for referrals, and bidding large orders, enhancing a buyer’s comfort level with more qualitative information about your company may be the difference between being the winner or the runner-up.

Garment Labels

Your choices in custom labels that identify your company as the pro­ducer (or seller) of decorated apparel range from pressure-sensitive 1.D. labels affixed to garments (for one-time use) and via beat printing and sewn-in cloth or Tyvek® labels for permanent use.




Be it previously used cartons, brand new cartons, bags, boxes, or whatever your garments are shipped or picked up in, we know statistically that nearly 90% of the buyers keep what you sold in the packaging you supplied.

While not every order or every customer may warrant delivery in brand new cartons, for most customers and most orders, garments that arrive in crisp new boxes get more respect, as does the company that packed and shipped them. Printing the cartons with your logo on it and having some fun with the graphics only helps enhance your identity.