Insider Tip for Same Day Printed Shirts

Real Example of How Fast We Print Shirts

Today, September 6th 2016,  we had a success story with our same-day T-shirt Printing program at NW Custom Apparel. Yes, it’s the same-day T-shirt. You get your order in by 10am, we have it delivered by 5pm. Today, I had a customer contact me around 2:30pm. He has an event coming up on Friday. He ordered 24 T-shirts: 12 white T-shirts and 12 black T-shirts. We’re printing using our Kornit Direct To Garment printer which prints a full color logo on the back of the T-shirt, and on the front, it’s going to be a left chest, again with a full color printed logo. All these shirts are going to be printed on our direct-to-garment printer, and we will have them completed tomorrow around noon and shipped out Federal Express to arrive in Eastern Washington by Thursday morning. The customer was extremely pleased to hear we could get their T-shirts completed so quickly. Simple. The customer just uploaded their artwork on our website, it was a high-resolution file. The front was high resolution, and the back was high resolution. We sent it over to our artist, Randy.

Custom Embroidered Beanie Hats

Custom Embroidered Beanie Hats

Preparing the File to Print

Randy, our artist,  prepared the file, laid out the text, ripped the file for the printer, and tomorrow morning David, our lead printer operator, will be coming in and printing the shirts. If you’re in a rush for T-shirts or in a bind, you have an event that you forgot, a golf tournament coming up, and you need shirts immediately, we can turn them out in 24 hours. Give us a call at Northwest Custom Apparel, or call us at 1-800-851-3671. We’re located at 2025 Freeman Road East in Milton, Washington. We’re located south of Seattle by 30 miles, and north of Tacoma by 5 miles.

In Memory of Mark Venit. “Mark was our business consult for 15   Years”

Erik Mickelson

Operations Manager, Northwest Custom Apparel