we kick but on tee shirt printing


If you want super fast tee shirt printing NW Custom Apparel is the company you should give a first look at.

At NW Custom we will be celebrating our 40 year anniversary in 2017. It is unbelievable how the industry changed and time has flown by.

David Hanson is a Kornit Printer Operator at NW Custom Apparel

David Hanson is a Kornit Printer Operator at NW Custom Apparel

The old method of tee shirt printing was to hand draw and layout a design. It meant preparing screens for each color in the design. Now we receive an adobe or high resolution jpg design and we are able to process the design in our computer and output to our Kornit DTG printers which print on quality design.

Super speed and super rush seem to be the norm in our industry. It used to be a more relaxed time frame to deliver the product. Customers actually planned their promotions weeks in advance to give us a reasonable time frame to complete the order.

We found ourselves throwing away the rotary phones and making the changes necessary to keep up with customer demands. Now the norm is lets get it done today. We can accommodate one day service with our state of the art equipment. We use Kornit printers which are nothing but phenomenal in what they can do.

If a customer can provide good art (300 jpg or Adobe Illustrator) we can really kick but on printing their tees or sweats. We keep a inventory which means we have the ability to produce and produce it fast.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we will actually talk to our customers. We don’t like using e-mail to process orders because it does create problems in figuring out what the customer wants. We ask our customers to bear with us and try the telephone. It might be something of a new experience but it does work. E mail for art work is OK.Custom Embroidered Catalog 2017. Port Authority, Nike, Ogio, Eddie Bauer, Dickies

This short blog is meant to get your attention and think Northwest Custom Apparel.


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