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Why is the launch of your clothing line so important?


Well, the launch is pretty much your single most important release of products. If you make a good impression on people with your awesome products, people will become loyal to your brand, and you’ll have repeated customers. Also, if your launch is weak, people will get a weak impression about your brand. So basically, unless you have a strong launch, people will not immediately feel attached to your brand. Think of your launch as your chance to make your first impression on your target audience. Unless you make that great first impression, you might ruin your chances of getting to know them in the future.

So now let’s get into what you want in a perfect launch.

clothing-apparelProducts at Price-ranges:

The first subject we will cover are obviously and most importantly the products. A great launch consists of many products at many price points. Ideally, you want to make sales no matter what it is. The idea is to make customers, not so much to make money. The money can come later, but right now you want a fanbase and a following. You want to be a brand with variety and diversity in your product range because you plan to expand in the future.

For Example, you have groups of products at different price points. The badges and stickers are for anyone with the least bit of money. Posters (or whatever comes midrange) are for the people in between. T-shirts are for the serious spenders who came to your website with a purchase in mind. And of course, there should and can be a group with a higher price range for maybe hoodies or something.

launch-a-clothing-lineIs timing important for your clothing lines launch?

Some people think no, other people think yes, If you get lucky and you’re around a holiday season (mainly Christmas), you can sell more shirts at your launch than you normally would but what does matter, however, is how often you release your shirts.

There’s pretty much two ways you can release new products.

  1. You can release new product(s) every set amount of time. For example, you could release something new once a month. The benefit of this is that people will know when new products are coming out, and this will quickly create repeat customers.
  2. The other way you can release products is by season. This is the more typical and traditional approach. This way, you can release a whole bunch of products at one time. Ultimately this is also a great way because you can build a lot of hype for your new releases.

The theme of your clothing line

If you’ve thought-through your branding, make sure that your launch has a cohesive theme. A great example of a company that does an awesome job with the theme is Johnny Cupcakes. Check out his store in LA and there are moving ovens that open and close with steam coming out, frosting pouring out of the pipes, oven doors to the stock room, everything goes along with his theme.


So that’s pretty much my thoughts on making a good launch. Just remember that you want to make a good impression. Don’t care too much about making money; because the important thing is that you want customers.


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