List of intelligent uses of Embroidery Method

embroidery (1)Sports Teams

It has to be said that the highest demand for embroidery services comes from sports teams and associations. It is basically for ‘stash’ and everybody loves it. It makes you feel special; like part of a team, wanted. It also advertises the fact that you are part of that association to other people who will probably be thinking: “man, that association has got some really cool embroidered polo’s, they must be really good what they do!”

Common things that sports teams want embroidered are logos and crests, usually around the left breast. Some of the more adventurous clients go for embroidery on the sleeve as well or maybe something extra on the front.

EmbroideryWorkwear – Uniforms

It is a well-known fact that businesses that provide embroidered uniforms for their staff perform 70% better than ones who don’t. It is also true that their employees enjoy more success with the opposite sex, drive nicer cars and regularly win the lottery.

We have embroidered polo shirts, shirts and even the odd cap for businesses that want to look awesome all around the UK. We are firm believers that if more companies got their uniforms embroidered the financial crises would have ended a long time ago.

embroidered-school-uniforms-sportyNew Fashion Brand

There is a famous fashion brand that always embroiders a little man on a horse on to the left breast of their polo shirts, shirts and t-shirts. They have inspired many budding fashion designers to request the same with their logos. This will help their new t-shirt line look classy and legitimate in a world of new clothing brands.

New fashion designers also embroider caps and jackets too but it is important to remember that embroidery requires a certain type of material and embroidery on to t-shirts is not advised.


Printed t-shirts and screen printing are more often associated with event merchandise but because it is relatively easy to set up, embroidery is also a good technique for bulk orders. Bag and caps are popular with merchandisers and easy to embroider. Often event organizers will ask us to embroider the event logo onto bags caps and jackets for promotional items or merchandise to sell.

Is the art of traditional embroidery dead?

The industrialization of the process may have made it cheaper and faster, but traditional embroidery is pretty much still alive. François Lesage was a traditional, French embroiderer that, pretty much until his death in 2011, worked with major fashion brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and many more. As long as there are people willing to learn the subtle and exquisite art of embroidery, the technique will live on.