Embroidred Shirts Equate to Added Security to Your Business

Logo shirts equate to added security

That’s a interesting statement “logo shirts mean added security.”  Follow me on this one and you will understand what I am writing about.

Most logo shirts are sold with the idea that you will get your brand recognized. Studies show a logo or branded shirt will reach eyeballs at least 2,500 times during the life of the shirt. This amounts to less than a half cent per impression. Not a bad return on your ad dollars. Logo caps are generally better especially in the construction industry. It seems now that customers want more feebees from their suppliers..

Millions of workers come into contact with the public

But lets address the fact that there are millions of workers who have to come in contact with their customers away from the company office. These are the road warriors who have to venture out in the neighborhoods to apply their trade. Remove the barrier of fright from the strangers they encounter.

Logo shirts mean added identity

I have a friend who owns a landscape company who insists that his employees wear shirts which identify them. If you look around at the majority of landscape companies putting their employees in the field looking almost like common criminals. They have dirty shirts, unkempt hair, and in general have a scary appearance. Who knows who will call the police on them?

Professionally dressed employees are good for business

Now let us take a look at a company whose employees are decked out in company shirts and caps. These workers give the customers a feeling of security because they have professionals working on their property. The workers send the message that they just didn’t get released from the county jail and are professional. When they are on the customer’s property the customer has a nice feeling of security. He doesn’t feel compelled to lock the front door.

Another example is if you have a company who delivers flyers or phone books (you get the idea) you need them to give strangers the feeling that your people are OK. Trying to send people in the field on the cheap is not a good policy. Companies do it and complain about being picked on. They get the cops called on them for the simple reason that their employees look like jailbirds.

Dress your employees like professionals and watch your business grow.

In summary you should always dress your empolyess as professionals and believe it or not these people will become ambassadors for your company. Most important your business will grow.