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Logos Made Real: An Exercise in Creative Advertising


In the last few years we’ve witnessed how top brands have begun using branded content as a key part of their content marketing strategy, because so far, it’s the best way to show people what you actually do and who you are, as a brand.

Apple-Life-ADApple: Think Different

As is almost always the case, the simplest and easiest idea is also the best one. Apple has always put great effort into letting people know just how different, ‘natural’ and special they are. With this ad, Apple could perfectly keep on promoting and featuring those values. Personally, I think that this could be an official Apple ad. Am I the only one?

Twitter-life-adTwitter: #ForReal

And you thought I couldn’t find a blue bird. Of course I can. Anybody can, actually. You just need to go to Tenerife, and head all the way up to El Teide (a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands), which is where el Pinzón Azul lives, and there you’ll find it. Twitter is the best Social Media Network for professionals when it comes to finding news and learning what’s going on in the ‘real world’. So what’s better than this ad?

Ferrari-Life-AdFerrari: Wildly Elegant

Another iconic brand. With an even more iconic logo. Ferrari and its horse are perfectly known by almost every person on planet earth, but have you ever seen a Ferrari ad without a car? Probably not. I tried it and this is how it turned out. Natural, wild and elegant. So why don’t they do it?

Playboy-Life-AdsPlayboy: We all make love

‘Natural’ is probably not the best way to describe Playboy bunnies, but there are other concepts related to them, like love and sex, that are indeed natural. That’s why when I think of a ‘real life’ ad for the infamous magazine, two bunnies don’t seem like much of a stretch. At least it’s cute.

Tinder: Be the flame

Why do you use Tinder? Don’t dare lie to me. You’re looking for a quick shag the flame of love. It could be a flicking candle or a forever burning torch or – like the Olympic one – a torch that gets lit up for a month and then put out for four years until you feel the need to light it up again. One way or another, you want the fire. I personally love this ad. Hot and passionate.


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