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How to Make a Positive Lasting Impression during Event


Offer practical giveaways

You really want to give attendees something that they’ll like and use. If there’s nothing that quite fits with the theme of your event, that’s Okay. Just find something practical that people will probably want to use again. Giveaways don’t have to be a massive production. Stick to simple things, and use the classic rule of thumb — would I like it if somebody gave this to me?

events-positive-lasting-impressionStrive for uniqueness with every decision

One of the best ways you can make your event really stand out is by doing things that are different from what everyone else is doing. Instead of doing things the automatic way, really think if there’s any way you can give them your own spin or twist. Take into consideration who you want to come to your event and what message you want to send them. Is there a creative way you can get the message across?

Keep all your information short and sweet

If you’re the speech giver, you’ll probably be all too aware that people’s attention is slowly drifting towards other things instead of your carefully arranged PowerPoint. If people feel like they have to go into more detail, make additional information available online or have a networking session where people can ask more in-depth questions.

lasting-impressions-at-eventsFollow up with guests and speakers

It’s really important to follow-up afterwards with your guests and speakers. After all, they are probably a big part of what can make an event successful. A thank you note is always appreciated (email is Okay), and for your speakers you may want to include a small gift as well. Apart from thanking attendees, this can also be a really good chance to get feedback on your event and find out what went well and what you could improve.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Quality really is the most important factor, and it’s what can make one event stand out heads and shoulders above the rest. A quick event filled with a few high-quality speakers and activities is much better than a long one that has lots of stuff going on, but not much substance.

Make an effort to personally talk to everyone at the event

People are much more likely to remember stuff if it has a personal touch, and it can really mean a lot to event attendees when the organiser makes an effort to at least say hi and shake their hand. If you have a really big event you may not be able to get around to everyone, but do make an effort to chat to as many people as you can. A quick conversation can help guests remember you and what you had to say.


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