Mandatory Safety Gear

Safety gear used to be a convenience for construction companies. The companies who were at the head of the class regarding safety gear required their employees to wear it. Now it has become mandatory and every company is making their employees wear it.

Mandatory colors

The mandatory colors for safety gear are bright orange, bright green and bright yellow with reflective stripes. Anything worn on the job site has to meet these minimum standards. This has created a new industry selling safety gear. We represent Tingley Safety located in Chicago. Tingly has a web site which shows all their products. ( The prices they show are retail so if you call Northwest Custom Apparel you will definitely receive a better price.tingley

Government Standards

Right now the focus is to meet all government standards. Everything has to be ANSI approved. (American National Standards Institute). It is mandatory that all apparel items have a label in the colar which denotes the piece is ANSI approved. It it doesn’t have the label it is not in compliance.

Northwest Custom Apparel has the ability to decorate safety apparel as well as distribute it. The decoration is one way to promote a company. If you have to spend some money why not spend a little extra and get your safety gear branded. We can do full back prints or small left chest prints. We are limited by the reflective stripes on the garments.

All apparel should have reflective striping to increase visibility.6046_lady_century_sy_product_image_thumbnail

Safety apparel is generally required and noted in all government contracts. There are standards which must be adhered to. Northwest Custom apparel is in compliance with associations who actually write the standards for safety gear. (ISEA is the International Safety Equipment Association,  ANSI American National Standards Institute)  OSHA is the government agency who will visit jobsites and verify that the project is in compliance. Failure to adhere to set standards can mean heavy fines.