Market on Facebook


Are you doing marketing insanity?

Are you out of ideas on how to market your business and are probably at your wits end. Have you tried all the guerrilla marketing tactics that they have preached to you for years? Are you continually marketing the same way and hoping to get the same results? What you are doing is the definition of insanity. Stop doing this Old Skool marketing and get on the Facebook wave.

Facebook Marketing

Over 67% of the United States Population is on Facebook daily. They are using their mobile devices to access the Facebook. You look around at the airport, stores, restaurants and all you see are people with their heads down playing on Facebook. So, wouldn’t it make sense to market to people that are on Facebook daily? You need to step away from the marketing crap that doesn’t work and start creating Facebook ads.

How to create a Facebook Ad

You first want to give your audience some value and do not go for the big sale first. You need to jab, jab , jab with posts that give value to  your audience. Value is something that your audience wants and it is free. A marketing tip or business tip is a great idea to build value with your Facebook Audience. You are trying to build your brand and credibility instead of being the used car salesman. Remember, it takes time and effort to build your brand.

Do I need to pay for an Ad?

I would say you need to invest some money in the ads. Facebook has an algorithm that decides what ads will be shown in the news feed and to whom. Nobody, knows the algorithm, so it is very important that you come up with great content and value for your audience.  Vides are the best way to get you to show up in news feeds. Facebook loves videos and will put you at the top.




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