Marketing at 2 cents a impression

Capture eyeballs

Screen Printed tees are very effective in capturing eyeballs. Getting your message out is effective marketing. That’s why we recommend printed tees.

A good example is the price of a tee shirt. This averages around $8.00 a tee. Lets assume this tee will last a year and will be worn about 30 times. Daily this shirt will be seen at least 10 to 50 times a day. This equates to 300 to 1500 exposures.  This amounts to a cost per impression of 2 cent to less than 1 cent that somebody sees your message.. This is really a bang for your buck.

Tee shirt Quality

There are two choices of quality when choosing a tee shirt.  (Ring spun or cotton)

Ring spun cotton is spun in the manufacturing process to make the fibers longer and softer. It makes them free from the rough texture of raw cotton. Long thin fibers make for a soft fabric. The process of cotton lile is ring spun and produces a garment which is very high quality. The best apparel is made with ring spun cotton.

Regular Cotton

Regular cotton is carded to make a cost saving product. The yarn is then woven into a fabric which results in a regular cotton material.  This type of cotton is widely used because it costs less to manufacture. It does offer breathability but not the softness of ring spun.

A industry staple

Regular is a industry staple and is used in the manufacturer of promotional tees, tees for runs, and give away shirts.

What is the best choice

The best choice is determined by the end use of the tee. If you want a high end tee or golf shirt the best choice is a ring spun cotton. Manufacturers such as Nike and Port Authority feature high quality ring spun polo shirts in their product line.

50/50 tees. This is a mix of polyester thread and cotton thread. Cotton poly shirts are very low cost to produce. They are difficult to print on. Also they cannot accept water based inks and satisfy environmental standards

In Milton we have our factory and can offer any grade of tee one wants