Marketing Tips Brands Can Learn From Avocados

If there is a story all entrepreneurs should be studying about in marketing books is the one about Mr. Avocado.  This is THE story of the self-made man fruit. Yes, the avocado is technically a fruit, a berry (to be more specific), and not a vegetable like most people think.

And as it turns out, this fruit has got a lot to teach about marketing. After all, you don’t stay relevant for over five centuries without learning a thing or two.

Here are some lessons brands can learn from avocados:

1 – You don’t become everyone’s favoAvocadosrite without versatility

There are around 500 kinds of avocados around the world! Some of them are small, some don’t have seeds, and then there are others that are just plain weird. But not only was the avocado able to successfully reproduce itself and spawn little different kinds of avocado juniors all over the world, you also can create virtually almost any recipe with them.

2 – Embrace all of your potential customers

Mr. Avocado is here to teach you that you can appeal to wide different audiences, as long as you have a good product. Former pop star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham has an avocado with toast for lunch because of its dietary properties , while at the same time, regular American Football fans make demand for the fruit soar through the roof every year during Super Bowl season because — guacamole.

avocado-marketing-fatty-foods3 – Offer the good kind of fat

Avocados contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acid which is the “good” kind of fat. This is one of the reasons as to why they’re often recommended for diets. It tastes good and fills you without having to eat too much.

Same thing happens with content. Tactics like “click-baiting headlines” and “rehashed content” (bad fat) may attract views at first, but it doesn’t retain readers because they hardly ever deliver what they promise. Invest in good, evergreen content (good fat) that will improve over time. It may not attract visitors as quickly, perhaps, but eventually people will appreciate your quality and start trusting your brand.

Avocados14 – Make it better than other fruits

Mr. Avocado was very smart when he decided to apply the marketing strategy of a vegetable instead of a fruit to its brand. As we mentioned earlier, it is indeed a fruit!

And what can we learn from this? Offer something different than your competition. Make a study of the other names in your industry and make sure you offer something else.


avocado-marketing-Better-than-fruit5 – Avocado soup for the soul

Avocados can help lower the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing the chances of a heart attack.

Unless yours is a medical brand that produces medicine for heart conditions, to offer something that literally improves the health of a person’s main organ might be a bit difficult. But you can offer content that’s good for the soul.

6 – There’s no better publicity than good publicity

Now, while doing research for this piece, I found virtually nothing negative about avocados. Sure, if you eat way too many you’ll gain weight and apparently there are some people who are allergic to it — although it is very rare. Other than that there is nothing, nothing bad about this miraculous fruit. It is almost suspicious, which has led me to believe that Mr. Avocado may have paid some media outlets to say nice things about him.