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Material of a Polo T-Shirts and its importance


Polos are usually made of a knitted material, they tend to be either piqué or jersey. Polos are almost always made of knitted fabrics and while nowadays you can find polos made out of any fabric (silk and linen, among them) jersey and piqué are traditionally the most popular.


A knit fabric, which is widely used in T-shirts, was first made famous by Coco Chanel for outerwear. Before that it was exclusively associated with underwear. Polos that are made of Jersey have a much softer texture and are fitting for physical activities.

Piqué knit

It became the “polo” fabric thanks to Lacoste. Piqué seemed like an obvious choice as it is durable, flexible and breathes well. It is known for its geometric knit. If you look at it up close, it seems to form a “honeycomb” or “waffle” type of pattern.

Why are some polos double piqué?

As with double knit, double piqué is a technique used to combine two types of threads. This is done for all kinds of reasons, sometimes it is to make a fabric stronger or to cut down costs by combining a lower quality material with a higher end one. It is also sometimes a design decision as combining textiles of different colours can create a singular effect.

polo-shirt-fabric-piqueJersey VS Piqué – Which one is better?

At the end of the day, it is a matter of personal choice. Some people state that polo shirts made of piqué look more expensive because the fabric is stronger and makes the collar stand sturdier, but others prefer the jersey because it is more comfortable.

A jersey polo shirt can look elegant when it is made out of a quality material (not all jerseys are made equal) and styled in the right way.

How can I tell the difference?

Simple, just touch it.


  • If it’s soft and smooth
  • Similar to a T-shirt
  • It’s cheaper than piqué


  • It’s texturized
  • It’s bulkier and heavier
  • Breathes better than jerseyWhen you look at it closely, the fabric has a “honeycomb” or “waffle” pattern
  • It’s more expensive than jersey

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