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What Merchandise Should Your Youtube Channel Sell?


There are many ways to make money on the video platform and that’s probably what brought you to this post. Ads on Youtube don’t make as much money as some think. The real money on YouTube comes from partnering with other brands and merchandising.

How to create your own YouTube Merchandise

Channels don’t make that much money on ads so if you want to make more cash, you’ll have to expand your brand and selling merchandise is a great way to do so.

youtubeYour channel must be successful first

A successful YouTube channel is one that’s got a healthy number of subscribers (thousands) who are truly engaged with the videos. This means, people who view, like and comment on the actual content rather than spammers, trolls or users who are “casually” subscribed to a channel just because it’s popular and may not even check the content.

YouTube is not just a video platform

It is also a social engagement tool. This is a crucial aspect of YouTube not everyone understands. The platform is built around communities of creators and consumers. If your sole reason for creating a YouTube channel is to sell your stuff, then I’d suggest going somewhere else. A successful YouTuber is the one that creates synergy with its viewers instead of uploading content expecting others to swallow it without a word.

youtube-merchandiseMake sure your brand is awesome

Take a look at some of the most popular YouTube channels, they have logos, slogans and even corporate colours. Before you sell products, you need to think of your brand. By having it established, you’ll be able to make a bigger impact once you launch.


Try to find as much information about your audience as possible. Discover who they are and create something that you know they will love. The following video from Youtube Creator Academy explains this in a very simple way!

distressed logo

What kind of merchandise can you sell?

What would your subscribers like? Have they asked for something in particular? Chances are that if you have a large/medium sized subscription base then someone at some point must have asked you for a T-shirt, at least.

Produce high quality merchandise

Nobody wants to pay for a T-shirt that’ll be torn in a couple of weeks. This is particularly important for online orders. Nothing creates more distrust like receiving a damaged good after you’ve been waiting days (or weeks) for it to arrive. A good advice is to produce stuff you would buy.

Promote your merchandise

It pays to advertise. Nobody will be able to buy your stuff if you don’t promote it. The obvious idea is to create a video where you’ll launch your merchandise, that’s a great idea, but then what? You can’t sell everyday without the risk of becoming repetitive. Remember you’re on YouTube because you want to produce awesome content, not to become an infomercial.


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