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Minors factors that help create Customer Satisfication


clothing-apparelIndividually Folded Garments

We’re talking ”presentation” here, just as you would expect to see with dinner or dessert at a fine restaurant. The garments appear neater in the carton, customers appreciate the nice extra “touch” and convenience, and the company gains enhanced status for demonstrating it goes the extra mile in pleasing its customers.

Many companies that go this route leapfrog this finishing option by inserting each dozen garments in a clear plastic bag and placing on it an easy-to-spot sticker with the size of the garments in the bag. This makes retrieval faster and easier for the customer. The bag costs two cents but the great impression it creates is priceless.


Accepting credit cards

Most apparel graphics companies take credit cards, but very few make it a practice to encourage their customers to use them. Why? The conventional wisdom is that accepting credit cards aren’t viewed as a competitive advantage and that the cost of doing so takes an unacceptable percentage of the profits. The logic here ostensibly measures costs against benefits — but without really weighing and understanding the benefits.

shippingShipping Notification and Pick-Up Notification

When you order from a reputable, reliable company, you usually receive both an acknowledgement of your order and subsequent notification when the order leaves the warehouse. The shipper also usually issues a tracking number from UPS or USPS as a courtesy, so you can follow the package along its way to your door. Few firms in our industry issue acknowledgments or shipping notification. That’s the first reason you should do so. The other reasons are that i t’s smart business, it demonstrates your company’s professionalism, and it’s appreciated by your customer. And it doesn’t cost you anything other than a few seconds of time.


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