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Winter is here in Seattle, and it calls for making a purchasing decision for North Face Custom Embroidered Jackets. Now is the time to make your North Face Jacket purchase. The North Face Embroidered Jacket is a soft shell jacket that designers are engineering to make it fully windproof and wind-resistant. The fully windproof options are the most protective; virtually waterproof and windproof, they maintain a comfortable level of breathability in colder Northwest weather conditions. Wind-resistant bells and whistles are the most versatile, external, and air permeability, both breathable and water-resistant, making them ideal for various activities and weather conditions.

North Face Custom Embroidered Jackets are Available in Seattle at Northwest Custom Apparel

Seattle is the city for North Face Custom Embroidered jackets for business owners looking to promote their Seattle business. Moreover, custom embroidery looks shart and classy stitched onto the left chest of a North Face Jacket. Above all, North Face Custom Embroidered jackets come in several colors to choose from. Firstly, the black North Face jacket is Seattle’s #1 selling jacket. For instance, the black color is traditional and shows the Seattle communities spirit. North Face gray-colored jackets are the 2nd best choice for Portland, Oregon, due to the rain and the city’s personality that screams “Gray.”

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Black North Face Custom Embroidered Jacket.

The custom embroidered black North Face Jacket is windproof with abundant space. This iconic North Face jacket is a heavyweight soft shell that offers ultimate weather protection. In other words, The North Face Jacket Apex is a Soft Shell that stops rain and wind to keep you warm and waterless. A brushed wool-type insulation ensures all-day comfort.


The fabric of the North Face Jacket works like a windfall fabric, significantly reducing the effects of wind chill while supplying flexibility and breathability to stay cozy without overheating. The North Face jacket has a DWR finish and warm pockets for your hands. The logo of The North Face is on the jacket’s left chest and right back shoulder.

North Face Jacket Testimonials

Our company received the North Face Jackets  and the customer LOVES them! They look soo good! Thank you so so much for everything you have done for this order! I really appreciate your help!

Please thank your Production team for me, as well as anyone else who was involved with the project. All of you are so appreciated!

Therefore, have a great rest of your day!

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Erik, Ruthie and Jim of Northwest Custom Apparel Show Off their New Custom Embroidered North Face in the Seattle Embroidery Shop

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