NW Custom Apparel Summits Mt. Rainier

Custom Commemorative caps

Northwest Custom apparel makes custom commemorative caps for special events. In July 2010 the company made a special cap for George Dunn who made it to the top of Mt. Rainier for the 500th time. This is quite an achievement as of today there are only two guides who have made it to the top 500 times.

emblemGeorge Dunn of International Mountain Guides was the first to summit 500 times.


This is the logo for the cap we made with the International Mountain Guide Logo.


International Mountain Guides has been a steady customer of Northwest Custom Apclimbing-teamparel since before 1999. We felt it would be neat if we made a commemorative cap for George to celebrate his 500th assent.

George Dunn’s picture

We have included this design in the blog and a picture of George with our cap on.

Northwest has done several notable projects for companies in the Northwest. The most recognizable is when our universities go to a bowl game. We have been to the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Holiday, Aloha, Liberty and Sun Bowl. These have always been fun projects for us.

Hot Market Production

The reason we get this business is because we can “hot market deliver.” Our factory is located in Milton, Wa. We have what’s known in our industry as capacity. It’s amazing how many customers realize they have to do something at the last minute and that’s where we come into play.

Brent Okita second climber to reach 500. Hats off to him and George Dunn.

Looking at the internet another guide just made it to the top of Rainier for his 500th time. His name is Brent Okita with Rainier Mountaineering.  It’s amazing that only two climbers have made it to the top 500 times.

Some of our products have even made it to the top of Mt. Everest, Denali, K-2 and more. We make commemorative emblems which are very popular and can be worn on the outside of a jacket. These are also traded with other climbers and members of the respective climb teams.