Northwest Custom Apparel went to the Rose Bowl

1992 NW Custom went to Rose Bowl

1992 was the first year NW Custom Apparel went to the Rose Bowl. Don James was the coach and the Huskies we co national champs in 1991. Napoleon Coffman was the big gun in the backfield and the Huskies were unstoppable.husky-rosebown-10s205

Licensing was loose

Those were the days when a license didn’t mean much. They were just happy to get product. We made caps, jackets, polo shirts, blanks and whatever. It was a fun run with the Huskies. The first two Rose Bowls in1981 and 1982 there was almost zero embroidery capacity in the Northwest to do any serious business. Licensing had not yet started to develop.

The best design

The granddaddy of designs was the big three rose design we did for the team when they traveled to Pasadena in1991. This was to recognize that the team had gone to the 91, 92 and was going to the 93 Rose Bowl.rose-bowl

The Huskies were 12 and O that year. They were rated number 2 in the AP poll. We have attached a copy of that design.
Because licensing was so loose during that time period all we had to have was the blessing of Coach James.

don-jamesCoach James was a living legend and a great person to work with. I think our total licensing fees were some complimentary caps for the coaching staff.

Right now licensing is horrible. The fees are so high that it takes a whole lot of money to play that game.

Northwest Custom Apparel generally gets to do some of the orders for the bowls but we are not allowed to sell any merchandise that is bowl related. All products have holograph tags attached and the bowl patrol people can tell exactly who manufactured the merchandise.

Counterfeiting is treated the same way as the people who get caught printing money. Some of the penalties could mean confiscation of all our printing and embroidery equipment.