Northwest Embroidery Rebranding

Northwest Embroidery is re rebranding. The reason for the re brand is that the company with a name Northwest Embroidery creates a image of a small embroidery shop We get too many calls and drop ins from people thinking that is who we are. They come in asking for a single name on a jacket or a Christmas stocking. we just don’t have the time and are changing our name to Northwest Custom Apparel.

We love to service these people but our costs are climbing so fast that we can do this anymore. It’s sad to refuse an order.

For the past 40 years we have be doing regular embroidery. We want to change and position ourselves as a mini Lands End. In fact years ago we did embroidery for Lands End. Obviously we don’t do it anymore because they are a multimillion dollar company who does everything in Wisconsin. But with our new mission statement and culture our goal is to become a consumer driven company. We want to be hands on with our customers.

For years Northwest Embroidery has been a contract embroidery company. This is embroidery where a client brings us their merchandise and we get to decorate it. We can’t imagine how much money our clients have made from projects we have done. To top it off we do all the work and our client makes all the money.

This is why we have to become more customer driven and selling direct to the end user.

We are capable of setting up apparel programs which allow companies to set up an internet store and let their employees order as needed. We want to eliminate the process of companies having to appoint a company apparel coordinator. This entails going around and getting everyone to put their name and size on a apparel sign up sheet. Now all the coordinator has to do is direct the team to go to the company’s approved website and order what has been selected for employee use.

This is only one part of our rebranding effort.

This blog will be updated with more changes we are making. We know it will happen and our customers will be very pleased to do business with us.