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NW Custom Apparel to distribute North Face

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After months or even years Northwest Custom Apparel is proud to announce that they are being given the privilege to sell the North Face line of apparel. The items offered will not be from the North Face retail line but special jackets made for the decorator industry. The objective is to allow decorators (Northwest Customer Apparel) the opportunity to share this line with their existing customers.Corporate Webstores and Fundraising

The standard line of distribution has always been from manufacturer (North Face) to retailers or on line sales outlets. The decorated apparel has grown so rapidly in the past 10 years that more and more manufacturers must take advantage of this distribution channel.

Buying Habits

Buying habits are changing from the two most popular streams of distribution on line sales and direct sales to end users and retail. The decorated apparel industry is quickly becoming a distribution channel behind retail and internet. Promotional product distributors are becoming a force in the distribution of decorated apparel. (logo wear)

Companies are selective when displaying their brand

Companies are more selective when a decision has to be made on where to display their logo. Putting a logo on a no name garment just isn’t in the cards any more. Companies want to be recognized for quality.

Partner with a known brand

Companies partnering with a recognized brand will give them a quality look. This is one of the reasons that North Face is partnering with decorators to allow them to get deeper penetration into the apparel market.

Companies realize that associating their name with a popular apparel brand (Nike, Eddie Bauer, Cutter & Buck, Ogio, Under Armor) will let people know that quality begets quality.

Northwest Custom will be proud to fly the North Face Brand. This is why Northwest Custom Apparel is proud to fly the North Face brand and offer it to our client base. We welcome North Fact to our company.


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