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One day screen printed tees


One day tees

One day tees is so new that people don’t believe it is possible. It is possible because of the new technology which is now available.

Printing one color tees was always doable in the past. Screen printers will always be pressed to receive an order in the morning and attempt to deliver by closing time.

The print shop had to clean up art work, burn a screen, mix the ink, stage the shirts, print the shirts, run through a dryer, pack order and deliver to customer. If this order is multicolor and it’s for a dozen pieces or less it just can’t be done.

Time to product a screen printed order

Time constraints on a traditional screen print order are the preparation time. The hard part is cleaning up the art work and burning a screen which is very mechanical. This is why traditional screen printers do not want to take rush orders.

This process is now changing. Northwest Custom apparel has installed the latest state of the art apparel printing equipment which is going to turn the old screen printing process into dinosaurs or relics. The internet and Amazon has turned the business cycle on its head. Waiting is now not part of the process. It has to be instant gratification.

Northwest Custom Apparel

Northwest Custom Apparel has reduced this process to a doable process. The company has constantly been delivering orders out in one day. It is a amazing how many event promoters forget the date of their even and need delivery to cover they forgetfulness.

At Northwest all we require is good clean art work and we will do the rest. Colors are not a problem we can do as many colors as required. In fact we want all our orders to be multicolor. This separates us from the rest of the pack. We want people to call our competition and give them first shot at the order. The result will be that Northwest Custom Apparel can deliver the quality they want and on time.

Northwest Custom Apparel can perform.


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