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A hard-working salesperson has just gotten a commitment, a solid “yes” from a prospect who just became a customer. In its advertising campaign, the company told how great it is at art and production, how much it has to offer in product variety, how helpful its sales staff is, and how nice a company it is to work with …yada, yada, yada …you’ve heard it all before. How efficient and intelligent the process of actu­ally writing the order is can go a long way in validating a customer’s confidence i n the company he’s buying from, or proving to be the first warning sign that he’s dealing with turkeys.

An Order Form is necessary to record all the pertinent information on an order.

An Order Form is necessary to record all the pertinent information on an order.

Why you need a sales order form

An effective sales order form is one that records as much informa­tion as is necessary and spells out all of the important details that the seller, the buyer, the people in the art department, pre-production pro­cesses, production, shipping and receiving, and the front office all need to know to shepherd an order from placement to completion. A smart order form accomplishes all this and serves to l literally get all the play­ers working on the same page; the rest of the process is bound to go smoother, ensuring the job will very likely be done right the first ti me and be ready when promised. If you’re new to the industry, good order forms are easily found on line. (If you need further help on designing you first order form, call me!)

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