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Seattle’s Amazing Cap Styles That Make You Crazy

Outdoor Cap is Seattle’s Choice of Capsmedic cap, doctor, hospital

Seattle’s amazing cap styles that make you crazy start with Outdoor Cap. Northwest Custom Apparel is proud to announce they have partnered up with Outdoor Cap. Outdoor Cap is the premier manufacturer of custom embroidered headwear.

Outdoor Cap’s Qtech Cooling

First, Outdoor Cap has some great new styles and fabulous fabrics. Second, the newest performance fabric is called Qtech Performance. Third, chill out and increase your performance with Qtech cooling. In addition, Qtech technology wicks moisture away from the head to provide a rapid cooling sensation.

Qtech Cooling. Outdoor Cap in front of a thread shelf
Qtech cooling keeps your head cool during Seattle’s summer months

Qtech Offers UPF and Anti-Microbial Protection

Cooling products reduce the temperature by five degrees when sweat is activated. Moreover, it also offers 50+ UPF. Furthermore, anti-microbial properties kill outdoor-causing bacteria.

Above all, remember it has cooling protection, UV protection, scent control, and moisture wicking, all from Qtech performance.

Anti-Microbial Hat. Outdoor Cap
Keep your landscapers healthy by providing them with Anti-Microbial Hats

Mossy Oak Camouflage is the #1 Outdoor Cap in Seattle

The number one selling cap at Outdoor Cap is the Mossy Oak Break Up Country Pattern. Likewise, the cap is a five-panel hat with a loop cap closure in the back. It comes in some fantastic different camo patterns and colors.

Camouflaged Cap by Outdoor Cap. Water Bottle
Outdoor Cap is a supplier of a wide assortment of Camo Caps

Additional Camouflage Patterns

The first is with the Mossy Oak blaze color. The baseball cap is an orange-type colored hat with the Mossy Oak imprint.

Second is the Mossy Oak breakup pattern, which is excellent for hunting in the Pacific Northwest.

Third, the Mossy Oak Brush camo pattern. This is an excellent hat for you if you are a duck hunter in Eastern Washington and Spokane.

Outdoor Cap also has the original Mossy Oak bottom land camp pattern. This style of Outdoor Cap is a trendy brand in Seattle, Olympia, and all over the Northwest.

Racing Caps for NASCAR enthusiasts

Outdoor Cap also has that racing-type headwear. You know, the headwear with the flames on the brim and the sides.

Likewise, for all you race car drivers out there, and NASCAR enthusiastic, Outdoor Cap is your cap for the motorsports headwear leader in the industry.

Valvoline Racing Embroidered Cap
Customize Your Motorsport team with the look of the Pros

Northwest Custom Apparel Has Racing Embroidered Caps

So come and purchase your motorsports headwear with the flame at Northwest Custom Apparel. Equally important, we can put your custom-embroidered logo on that racing cap.

Unlike other cap companies in Seattle, we can embroider your racing team and team members’ names. We can put your team member’s name on there. We can put anything you would like on there, and that’s the racing headwear from Northwest Custom Apparel and Outdoor Cap.

Ladies’ Custom Caps

Equally important for the ladies out there, we have a new line of ladies’ fit caps at Northwest Custom Apparel.

Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Caps

Moreover, if you’re celebrating breast cancer awareness. We have breast cancer awareness in the ladies’ fit. If you want to support breast cancer awareness, 5% of the net sales price will be donated to the breast cancer research foundation.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ladies Baseball Cap
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Baseball Cap Customized with your logo

Embroidered Beanies: Mossy Oak, Safety Hi-Viz, Auto Museums

Embroidered Beanies are also popular with Outdoor Cap and Northwest Custom Apparel. We have Mossy Oak breakup caps. We also have the neon Hi-Viz safety orange and safety green beanie. All these hats have embroidery with your company logo. Furthermore, we offer beanies for car clubs and automotive museums. Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum orders hundreds of custom beanies yearly for their museum.

embroidered beanie and old classic car
Car clubs, racers, and auto museums love beanies

Other Caps Offered by Northwest Custom Apparel

At Northwest Custom Apparel, we are suppliers of custom-embroidered hats. There are many different types of hats that you can purchase. Here is a list of all the different types of caps you can purchase.

  • Wool Caps
  • Bicycling Caps
  • Bucket Caps
  • Chef Caps
  • Corduroy Rope Caps
  • Trucker Caps

Unique Custom Caps That We Offer

  • Straw Hats with Band
  • Boonie Caps
  • Newsboy Golf Hat
  • Visors
embroidered beanie and old classic car
We offer unusual hats that are hard to find. Call us, and we can source the unusual hat for you.

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