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The Primary Application of Apparel Graphic Products


There is a broad variety of applications of apparel graphics products. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important uses of our products.


Human Resources concept

Employee  Identification

Whether for businesses, schools, or government, identifying employees is big business. From uses for security to customer service, the applications vary from building pride, making it easy for customers or constituent groups to spot staff members or service employees, and celebrating events to being welcome incentives and/or recognition for employees ( for achievements in safety, sales, length of service) and as employee gifts. Among the largest drivers for decorated apparel products is for employee use in conjunction with policies requiring employees to be identified at all times when on the job.

Advertising & Promotion

Just about any business or non-business entity that wants to promote its goals, activities, services, products, brands, or special programs gives away shirts. Or, in many cases, sells them to target audience members who want to identify with whatever the cause is.

Included in this application is the use of decorated apparel as incentives. Test drive a new Ford 150 and receive a cap emblazo

Raise money with the 12th man and Under Armour Apparel

Raise money with the 12th man and Under Armour Apparel

ned with the embroidered logo of the area’s favorite team. Show up at a local supermarket’s grand opening and receive a free over-sized canvas bag. You get the idea. And chances are good you’ve gotten a few freebies yourself over the years. People get free stuff and then promote the donor company to hundreds or thousands of people over the life of the garment or accessory.


Membership and Participation

People who are proud of the group or activity they participate in want to brag about it. It’s easy to do that bragging by wearing  decorated apparel to broadcast their affinities. In some cases, shirts or caps or bags are given to members as part of their membership package, registration fee, or as a reward for participating in an event or program.

Revenue Generation


For some buyers of decorated apparel, selling their garments is a way to make additional -sometimes substantial — money. If they’re successful at it, that success is derived largely from the fact that their customers love the place, product, or service, want to identify with it or remember it, and find  the selling price represents  good  value for the item.


Organizations of all types need money to serve their members and fulfill their missions. Selling decorated apparel provides them an opportunity to build revenues while providing products their members and supporters want to buy and wear or give as gifts. Of course. it would help a great deal if the items are made attractive and relevant.

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