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What printing method you do and what to call it


Here are the types of printing methods and what we should call them.

Screen Printing machine for T-shirts

Screen Printing The correct and eminently more professional term is NOT “silk screening.” Everyone thinks they know what silk screening is because they did it in high school art class, scouts, or at summer camp. What you do is a highly developed technology, not an arts and crafts project. “Screen printing” is the term professionals use; so, if you are a professional, eliminate the term “silk screening” from your business vocabulary.

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery What you do for businesses, schools, organizations, and events is NOT monogramming, the term more germane to personalizing apparel and giftware with names, initials, and decorative arrangements of initials. Use “monogramming,” if you offer it, within its proper context of personalization, not commercial embroidery.

heat-printing-machineHeat Printing A heat transfer is the term for the paper and the ink on it that you transfer onto a garment or other The process by which heat transfers are used in a heat press to decorate substrates is heat printing. That ‘s the word – or words -from Stahls’ ID Direct, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat presses, custom heat transfers, and heat printing supplies and the world leader in advancing heat printing technology.

Engraving / Laser Engraving -The terms denote the technology and the The official term for the industry organized around trophies and awards is the “recognition industry.”Another term for awards and trophies is “Recognition Products.”

d2g-printerDirectto-Garment Printing The term for what direct-to-garment printers do. It’s a cumbersome term, though and is sometimes written “D2G.” I personally refer to it in promotional materials I prepare for clients as “digital-direct ”

CAD-CUT® Technology -CAD-CUT® enables you to provide signage, vehicle graphics, custom multi-color names and numbers, custom decorated apparel, custom appliques, and moreover, enables you to deliver it all quickly and with a user-friendly minimum order of one item!


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