Process after a prospect’s first call

After a call from a prospect, below is the process which needs to be followed to convert a prospect into a customer.


  1. Mail

Make sure all walk-ins are sent away with a written quotation and the sales materials you’d mail to callers. E-mail respondents, unless you’ve qualified them over the phone and their interest level convinces you they’re worth spending some money on, need no further cost intensive follow-up. Prospects you’ve quoted over the phone, having already received a prompt e-mail follow-up, in your prime trading area deserve to get a package in the mail.

The package will be mailed after work or the following morning. The prospect will be receiving it in a day or two. Your logo and address on the outside makes a solid advertising impression. Your logo and  name on the hard copies, on your business card and other material inside the package generate additional advertising impressions, helping your prospect remember your company for future reference.

  1. The First E-Mail Follow-Up

The day after fielding the prospect’s call, there should be a mail

  1. asking the prospect if your e-mail quote and propaganda was received;
  2. offering to answer remaining questions or provide suggestions and alternatives; and
  3. informing the prospect you mailed a package with additional information.

Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace

  1. First Telephone Follow-Up

Two to three days after the package was mailed , call

  1. asking the prospect if your company’s package has arrived and whether it has been opened and reviewed ;
  2. offering again to answer remaining questions or provide suggestions and alternatives; and
  3. informing the prospect you’d welcome the opportunity to do business
  1. Future Follow-Ups

In the next month, the outside sales rep or customer service salesperson sends the prospect another e-mail and/or another piece of real mail, and calls once or twice again. And, if it’s part of the rep’s responsibilities, a personal visit to the account is warranted, if feasible.

During the coming year, send appropriate e-mailings every six to eight weeks, and a snail mailer (of any type) three to four times. Within the year, you’ll have likely earned the patronage of this prospect with a first order and hopefully more.