Promo Products

Selecting your promo item for your Construction Company

4 Promo Product Tips

1. Promo products should be relevant to your construction company
If you’re an construction company, it would be a good idea to choose a promo item that your customers can enjoy yet still associate with you. It doesn’t make sense to provide ceramic coffee mugs for example, if your customers aren’t the type to sit down and enjoy a cup. A travel mug or tumbler would be more appropriate. You don’t want people wondering why a construction company known for being environmentally-friendly is giving out notepads and desk calendars as promo items (unless of course, they are made out of sustainable materials).

2. Choose quality promo products over quantity every time
Here is where the price question usually comes up. Some construction companies don’t realize that by attaching their name and brand to lower quality promo products they are actually hurting their image and bottom line. You definitely don’t want something you’ve given to end up in the trash bin. That defeats the purpose and makes all the time and money you spent on them totally useless. It is better to invest in good quality promo items that you can give out to loyal customers and new clients instead of trying to foist cheap and low-quality items on every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes into your store.

3. Choose a good design
Simple is best when planning out the design of your promo item. It can be very easy to go overboard with the colors, images and text that go into your promo item. You have to keep in mind that your customers will probably spend just a few seconds looking over your item so don’t overwhelm them with a smorgasbord of information. As for the company information that goes into your product, make sure that only the most relevant details make it. Your address may not be very important but your contact information and social media info might be exactly what your customer might need to find you again or recommend you to their friends.

4. Meet the needs of a specific market
When you choose a promo item, make sure you have a particular customer or market segment in mind. Specific marketing strategies often work better than broad strokes marketing. Examine your company’s current client roster or customer line-up and figure out who your target market is. Whether you want to attract new clients or give your loyal customers a promo item to show your gratitude for their patronage, it is always better to plan ahead and anticipate what your market’s response will be as opposed to going into it blind.

Baseball Caps are a great way to advertise your Construction Company

Giving away caps to your customers are a great way to get eyeballs on your construction company’s logo. An average cap will be seen 300 times per day.

Embroidered Construction Caps


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