Promote your business through external services

As a new business, resources may be scarce therefore it might be difficult to invest on publicity, but if you want your brand to be seen then it is something that you should definitely consider.

social-mediaa) Promote on social media

If you’re new to social network then you may feel like your posts and messages often get lost in the black hole we’ve christianised as the cyberspace — and you may not be that off. Tweets have an average life of 20 minutes, while Facebook posts last for about three hours. After this time goes by, and unless the post goes viral, messages get lost forever. The only way to counteract this effect is to pay for some promotion. Ads on social media let you reach a wider audience, while at the same time target a specific demographic. If you want to get more likes, more views and potential customers then this is the way to go.

referralsb) Contact third party members

If social media is not your thing, then it might be a good idea to approach a more traditional type of promotion like advertising on someone else’s website. Some of the benefits of announcing your business on a third person platform are:

  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Being related to the website’s attributes (if they’re known for featuring good quality products, for example)
  • Showing up more often on Google searches (they’ll give you a backlink which is good for SEO)
  • Targeting a specific market

teehunterc) Promote on Websites

Websites like TEEHUNTER let you advertise your t-shirt business for a price. Subscribing to this service will allow you to be published on a platform where some of the best t-shirt designers get showcased. TEEHUNTER is a website, an online shop, a blog — a community for t-shirt fans where they can gather and celebrate their favourite garments. T-shirts are divided into categories (like fandoms) so customers can easily find their select pieces.