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How to Promote Your Music Online: Part I (The Drawing Board)


Before any big project, you need to sit down and make a plan — otherwise your efforts could be worthless.

music EventResearch

Make a quick list of artists and bands that are similar to your music style or that you would like to emulate. What are they doing? How are they communicating? Checking out the competition will give you an idea of how the music world works online and what you can do.

Plan your strategy

In order to execute a successful online promotion plan, you need to set up your goals first. Whatever your ultimate goal is will define your future movements. For example, a person who just wants to become popular may only decide to do viral videos and may not concentrate composing as much.

rockstar-624-1370288223Create a persona

Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, the Foo Fighters. What do they all have in common? They’ve created a persona to sell themselves. Much like a brand, a music group or a solo artist must market themselves to know how and when to distribute their music, and most importantly, to whom.

Come up with a username

This step is crucial. In order for people to find you more easily, create a username for yourself that’s both short and easy to remember. Now, the most important part is that it should be the same name for every social media network and website.

Awesome guitar player jumps with passion in studio

Gather graphic material

Create profiles on social media or fill the website with content. Reasons why we recommend having professional pictures taken:

  • It saves a lot of time!
  • It gives a cohesive visual style throughout different platforms making a brand more recognisable and therefore stronger
  • People will take an artist more seriously if they look professional
  • When done correctly, there will be enough content for months — maybe even years
  • Thanks to retouching and lighting, people often look better on professional photoshoots

Come up with a decent bio

We’re not encouraging you to hire a freelance writer and come up with a fantastical tale of how you ended up becoming a musician. There’s no need to lie or to come up with convoluted narratives. What we do recommend is to have a nicely written biography at your disposal so you can send to any blogger or online magazine whenever they ask.


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