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How to promote your restaurant with personalized workwear


Food T-Shirt1 – Print your most delicious dishes on T-shirts

Modern printing techniques, like direct to garment printing (DTG), recreate detailed and colourful images, which means your tempting desserts and sumptuous starters will make clients’ mouths water even if it’s just a picture printed on fabric.

2 – Do the same with drinks

Seductive images of cocktails, steamy hot chocolate, champagne and the like can create a visual image of what’s on offer and be a constant reminder to the customer of what they could be ordering.

3 – Use social media

It’s a sad fact that many people just can’t leave their mobiles alone, even when they’re sitting at a table in good company. So why not take advantage of this and print your web address or blog page on staff uniforms?

the-who-t-shirt34 – Does the restaurant do delivery?

Then tell everyone on a T-shirt!

5 – Happy hour

Again, shout about it on T-shirts and watch the customers pour in.

6 – Competitions

Create loyalty and interest. “Want to win dinner for two at the “such-and-such” Restaurant? Then visit to find our more”. This is one more way to collect customer data while they are sitting at your tables.

7 – Print the whole menu on staff T-shirts

Use your signature dishes, the ones that are unlikely to change, so you don’t have to print the entire staff’s uniform every time you modify the menu.

Kornit Printed T-Shirts8 – Create regular special events

Taco Tuesday, Fish & Chip Friday, Oriental lunchtime, New York Saturday night, and Sunday  ‘swing’ brunch, among many others. Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!  Let people know about your special event on your staff uniforms.

9 – Keep it simple

Print simple images of fruit, vegetables, drinks, desserts, or just your logo to personalize work wear without going over the top. Usually, when it comes to uniforms, less is more. A simple well curated picture can say more than an assortment of images. Use your corporate restaurant colors for the basic T-shirt to reflect your brand identity.

10 – Quick hit promotions

‘Review us now and get a free drink … link to review website page with star rating’. Of course you will probably only be able to afford one drink per person (maybe specify the drink) and customers would need to liaise with wait staff to show they are actually giving a review, but this could be easily managed.


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