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Promoting a Clothing Brand on Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat


The great news for your personalised clothing brand is that social media provides the perfect environment in which you can promote your clothing line. That’s because social media is about sharing images, pictures, visuals and videos with which to engage potential customers. On top of that, it appeals to the same demographic that are also interested in fashion.

If you’re a clothing business, obviously you need people to see your designs. With social media you can do this incredibly quickly and effectively, delivering content instantly to literally billions of people all over the globe.


Pinterest is a fantastic visual marketing tool and it caters particularly well for fashion and design. In fact it’s possibly the most effective social media platform out there for marketing fashion.

Users customise their home page according to preferred categories (fashion, food, home decor etc) and ’Pin’ items of interest. Items ‘Pinned’ by a contact will also show up in your feed, so users are continuously spreading new trends and content around the network.


Another visual social marketing tool, Vine allows users to record and share six second, looping videos and can perhaps be thought of as the naughty little brother of Social Media platforms, as evidenced by the App’s 17+ rating. Officially launched in 2013, Vine now has 200 million active monthly users.

Musicians and comedians have used it to great effect to draw attention to their material and it can be a great tool for your clothing brand as well.

You could post some not-so-serious behind the scenes footage of the goings on at your workplace to showcase who you are and help connect your brand to your customers. Show them the personalities behind your label.


Well as brand owners, you’re trying to create something memorable, plant a seed, make an impact, and you can do that with Snapchat. A TV ad doesn’t stay on your screen forever but does that make it a pointless exercise for advertisers?

Snapchat’s ‘story’ feature allows you create just that – a story, or a narrative of a 24 hour period, after which the Snaps disappear. Traditional marketing essentially tries to do the same thing, just over a longer period. What is any Ad campaign if not just a continuous narrative, selling a product, idea, lifestyle or state of mind?

What appeals to the Snapchat user is its ephemeral nature, the nowness of it. Now you see, now you don’t. It plays to a shorter attention span in a faster moving world.


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